Who doesn’t love some type of bakery item? It’s the ultimate comfort food. It seems that good small town bakeries are becoming a thing of the past for many of us. But hey, you can bake your own!

Baking bread

My great grandmother had 10 children. She would rise at 4 a.m. to start the bread to feed her large family of 9 children. It must have been wonderful to wake to the smell of freshly baked bread!

Below I have broken the many recipes down into smaller categories.

Cream Puffs and Eclairs

I have wonderful memories of cream puffs. I remember light pastry and fluffy, fresh cream filling. I wonder if it’s possible to make them the way they were back then with the ingredients we have now? It’s hard to find great pastry anywhere these days.


You just can’t find good donuts these days. There really isn’t anything better than homemade donuts anyway. You know those donuts that have the weird twist in them? Those are called Crullers!

One of my fondest memories was being taught to make homemade donuts with an 80+-year-old aunt-in-law. It was a family recipe and I was 35 at the time. She taught me to beat the batter in just one direction so that too much air wasn’t introduced into the batter. I lasted about 2 minutes and then she took over and whipped that batter up in no time. Kind of embarrassing. Good luck with your own donut memories!


Fritters must have been very popular in days past. I don’t know if I’ve ever had anything besides an apple fritter. There are so many more possibilities here. Since I am accustomed to “sweet” fritters, it will be interesting to try tomato or onion fritters.

Ginger Bread

I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t love gingerbread. I love it warm with whipping cream on it. Never heard of a gingerbread shortcake though. I have another recipe for Lafayette Gingerbread that I have tried. It was delicious. A much denser cake than what we are used to. If you are a home brewer, you can use the spent grains, dried and ground, as a flour too.


Everlasting Yeast
Good Yeast

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