I have enjoyed genealogy for over 40 years and this website reflects most of my work. I try to keep it updated, but my tree is much more extensive and accurate. Do I know more about these families than I have on this website? Probably. Do I have more sources? Yes! I hope you will feel free to contact me with questions. If I know of other sites that have additional information on a family—or I know someone in that line that is more knowledgeable—I make every effort to provide that information. Please let me know if you see any errors and provide proof of your requested change. It is also helpful if you tell me which page you are on.

I have broken the surnames into my major family groups below. But if you use the search engine, you will find many, many more. On each page you may see a banner with the family name on it (see grey box below). If you click on the box it will expand and show you more information about that family. Try it…

Suggested Resources

Henry Z. Jones Jr. is a professional genealogist who has written some very good books. His forte is the German Palatine migration to America. But he has also written a couple books called Psychic Roots: Serendipity & Intuition in Genealogy and More Psychic Roots: Serendipity & Intuition in Genealogy.

I am not perfect (who is?) and I appreciate any corrections. You may use any of my information for your own personal use. You do not need to credit me unless you use my information verbatim.

There are many related families so please use the search engine to look for your surnames if you don’t see them in the list.

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  1. Hi Rootie, I’d be interested in why you believe Bartholomew Martin is either French or French Canadian. I’m back in New England, at the moment, researching that line.

  2. Hi! I am related to Archippus Blodgett and Celia Allen. I am having difficulty finding sources of Sabina Blodgett’s birth and connection to her parents. I am wondering if you have any. Thanks!

  3. Hi Rootie, I am searching for the father of a family member named Claude D Blodgett from Stockholm, NYS. His dates are 1872-1936. Apparently 2x married. Would like to find his father’s name. Thank you, CJD

  4. Hi my name is Clara Nohre I live in Eau Claire WI. I am related to Richard John Hall, Joseph Farnham Hall, Richard Farnham Hall, Lynn William Hall (my grandfather) I have Richard Halls Methodist sabbath school bible dated 1851.

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