Bailey Family

The earliest ancestor that I know of is Russel Claude Bailey who was born about 1821. He is listed in the death certificate of his son Charles as being born in Manchester, Massachusetts. Family legend says that either Russel or his father was a doctor in Newfoundland and was of English extraction. However, according to the 1905 census, Charles’s parents are listed as being born in Scotland. I believe this to be in error. Census records are known to be inaccurate at times.

There is a Russel Bailey shown in the 1830 New York Census in Essex County at Crown Point (page 265) however when I looked at that record the information for that year was not very helpful. Russel Bailey is shown as having 2 children, Chas. age 6 and Jane age 13 in the 1850 New York Census. In the Massachusetts, U.S., Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988, we find Russell Bailey residing in Marblehead, Massachusetts on February 6, 1826 along with a John Bailey. John could be his father, brother or son, it is impossible to tell from the record. But he would have been just 5 years old at the time. He is found in the 1860 New York Federal Census (Federal Population Schedule, p. 14) in Waterford, Saratoga, New York.

Russel’s wife was A(melia) Thompson. She was born September 3, 1814 in Ticonderoga, Essex, New York.

Charles Edgar Bailey was born September 20, 1844 in Rome, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and died November 12, 1905 in Eau Claire, Eau Claire, Wisconsin at 61y, 1m, 22d. [birthplace from: New York, Town Clerks’ Registers of Men Who Served in the Civil War, ca. 1861-1865]. He is buried in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. By the 1870 New York Census he is shown as living in Augusta, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The 1905 census and his obituary show Charles as being born in Canada. He arrived in Eau Claire about 1875. In the Eau Claire records Charles E. Bailey’s parents were Russell Bailey and Amelia Thompson of Ticonderoga, New York. Charles was born in Canada and Ticonderoga is not far from the border. Charles and his wife, Rebecca, lived in Eau Claire for 30 years. He was employed by Wisconsin Refrigerator Co. for many years. He was a member of the Ancient Order United Workmen. His obituary shows that his funeral took place at the Barstow Street Methodist Episcopal Church in Eau Claire.

Naming conventions in Scotland would suggest that if Charles were the first son, he would be named for his maternal grandfather. This would suggest that Amelia’s father may have been named Charles Thompson. If he were a second son, then he would be named for his paternal grandfather. So, then his Grandfather Bailey may have been named charles.

Interestingly, a J.A. Bailey is shown as living with George Nelson as well as J.A. Bailey, age 70. Was he a brother to Charles?

Charles married July 11, 1869 in Otter Creek, Eau Claire, Wisconsin to Josephine Rebecca Hall who was born in July 13, 1850 in Cattaraugus County, New York. Her family had moved to Aug and living in August, Wisconsin at the time. Rebecca, as she was called, died March 22, 1930 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she was living with her daughter, Lyda. Rebecca’s parents were John Hall and Melisa Arnold. Rebecca is pictured on the left.

Charles was a painter (and also worked in refrigeration) and he and Rebecca were Protestants. They lived at E. Bluff St. in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and are buried at Forest Hill Cemetery. Because the three eldest children were born in Sparta, Charles and Rebecca must have lived there for several years before moving to Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

They had four children:

William Henry Bailey

William Henry Bailey was born September 8, 1871 in Sparta, Monroe, Wisconsin and died April 20, 1950 in Moose Lake, Carlton, Minnesota. See more about William>>>

Russell Claude Bailey

Russell was born January 26, 1879 in Sparta, Monroe, Wisconsin and died December 4, 1951 in Eau Claire, Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Russell married first on September 11, 1902 to Jessie M. Stumm. Russ and Jessie lived with her mother, Mary, during 1905 at least and they had no children. Later they lived in a white house up on a hill in Eau Claire.

The children of William Bailey would often go and visit them. They especially enjoyed having the children as they had no children of their own. Vivian remembers spending summers at their home. In the winter the kids would slide down the great hill into town. Eventually, Russ and Jessie divorced.

Russ ran a clothing store called Hollen Clothing Company in Eau Claire which was located by the river in Eau Claire. In 1917 he resigned and took a position with the Campen Clothing Company.

He was a Corporal in the Spanish-American War. Read also “The Roster of the 3rd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry“.

Russ was a great baseball player and manager in Eau Claire, Wisconsin for the Illinois-Wisconsin league. See my blog about his baseball career below.

Stumm Family

Jessie was born April 12, 1881 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and died in 1947 in Jacksonville, Oregon to Jacob and Mary Eldridge Stumm.

It appears that Jessie married James C. Ellis of Minneapolis, Minnesota on December 21, 1915.

Received the following information from Mary Jarussi who is researching the Stumm family:

Mary Eldridge’s parents were Ebenezer and Betsy Eldridge. (Jacob was born in Germany — Mary was born in Wisconsin). Jacob and Mary met in Baraboo, Wisconsin when they were living next door to each other as children. They eventually lived in Eau Claire (where their children were born).

Jessie eventually remarried and apparently moved to Minnesota (although I haven’t yet tracked down who she married or where in Minnesota she lived — another branch of the tree to trace some day). I would love to find that information as I want to know if Jessie had any children in her second marriage. If not, Jacob and Mary’s line did not carry on.

Jacob and Mary Stumm had three children:

  • Frederick married but did not have children before passing away at the age of 32.
  • Mary died as an infant.
  • Russel and Jessie did not have children.

Jacob and his son, Frederick, were very well known and respected. When Jacob died in 1900 over 1,000 people attended his funeral in Eau Claire. His son Frederick died 4 years later — on the night he won an election as City Supervisor. Fred had just voted and stopped to visit his mother, Mary. Russel and Jessie were there. Russel tried to get medical help but there wasn’t time. Fred’s death was major news in the papers.

Russ remarried on July 10, 1915 in Eau Claire, Eau Claire, Wisconsin to Rose Ada Robinson. She was born November 24, 1887 in Mondovi, Buffalo, Wisconsin and died September 2, 1962 in Eau Claire, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Her parents were Seth K. and Mary (Merritt) Robinson

Russ and Rose had one daughter:

Virginia Rose Bailey

Virginia was a local celebrity in her own right. Described as having “red hair and a torrid new style”, she auditioned in 1934 for WISN to play opposite Dick Powell in a series of one-hour radio programs and won. I believe she was only 17 at the time. In 1936 she also won the opportunity to sing with a local band on a commercial on WTMJ radio on Monday evenings in Milwaukee. She was very talented and judging from the many articles written about her in the Eau Claire newspaper, she participated in a lot of theater and singing productions as well. There is even a delightful article on how as a little girl she managed to convince a circus manager to donate tickets to inmates of the local Children’s Home. She said “I am going and I wish all the little boys and girls who have no fathers and mothers could go too.”

Virginia was born December 19, 1915 in Eau Claire and died August 8, 1999 in Denver, Colorado. On August 26, 1933 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin she married Arthur (Gary) Travis Garrett (1916-1999). They had 3 children.

Virginia Rose Bailey
John “Jack” Rodrick Bailey

Jack was born March 11, 1887 in Sparta, Monroe, Wisconsin and died October 21, 1966 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois. I have not been able to find a burial location for Jack.

He married on November 26, 1912 in Chicago, Illinois to Beatrice “Birdie” Naomi Shepherd. Birdie was a member of the famous singing/dancing Sheppard Sisters (also known as the Sheppard Orchestra). They lived in Calumet City, Illinois and had one son, Charles Shepard Bailey, who was born September 26, 1918 in Harvey, Cook, Illinois and died March 28, 1932 in Calumet City, Cook, Illinois. Birdie was born November 8, 1889 in Fairbury, Livingston, Illinois and died March 12, 1932 in Calumet City. Charles and Birdie are both buried at Oak Hill cemetery in Hammond, Lake, Indiana.

John remarried to Gloria E. Thurow January 7, 1933 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Gloria was born about 1910 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Robert W. Thurow and Ida C. Kroening. They had one daughter:

Joy Gloria Bailey who was born July 1, 1935 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, married first to Lester Domke (1922-1986). After Lester’s death she married Randolph Joseph Behm (1947-1997) June 13, 1987 in Langlade County, Wisconsin. Joy died July 19, 2006 in Antigo, Langlade, Wisconsin where she is buried.

I had the pleasure of meeting Joy several years ago. She graciously shared pictures of her father and mother as well as other members of her mother’s family, the Thurows. She told me that John lived in Round Lake, Illinois, for some time then spent the rest of his life in Chicago.

Gloria suffered from mental illness and she and John divorced. Gloria married Frank G. Weber on October 18, 1945 in Milwaukee. Gloria died January 31, 1985 and is buried with her daughter and son-in-law in Antigo, Langlade County, Wisconsin.

Thurow Family

Gloria’s parents were Robert W. Thurow (1869-1943) and Ida C. Kroening (1870-?). They had the following children:

Gloria E. Thurow was born about 1910 in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. She married John Bailey and they had one daughter, Joy (see above).

Hilda Clara Rosa Thurow was born January 8, 1895 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and died in 1956. She married John Reimer (1889-1940) son of Julius R. Riemer and Ulricka Bermann. Clara and John had four children: Leonard, Leander, Rowland and Grace.

Herb Thurow married Narcissus and had one daughter Dorothy who married George Nelson, Jr. (son of Lyda Bailey Nelson above) and they had one daughter, Sally Nelson.

Norma Thurow was born February 13, 1893 in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. She married Showalter and had no children.

Robert (Sonny) Thurow who died at 2 of meningitis.

Descendants of Fredricka Otto

This information provided by Rich Williams. Please contact him with any questions.

1. FREDRICKA2 OTTO (WILHELM1) was born December 29, 1846 in Frankfurt, Germany1,2, and died March 16, 1926 in Milwaukee, WI3. She married (1) CARL FREDRICK MALLOW, SR. 1866 in Germany. He was born Abt. 1845 in Pommerin, Germany, and died 1871 in Pommerin, Germany. She married (2) JULIUS STEINKE January 30, 1873 in Wrightstown, WI4. He was born 1842 in Rogasen, Posen, Prussia, Germany4, and died April 19, 1916 in Wrightstown, WI4.


Rev. F. C. Uetzmann of St. John’s Lutheran Church officiated at the funeral. The pallbearers were: Ferdinand Kersten, Joseph Schaeuble, Gustave Feldt, Herman Mueller, Robert Johns, and Ferdinand Koepke.


Church Membership: St. John Evangelical Lutheran, Wrightstown, WI

Emigration: 1872, Frankfurt, Germany

Ethnicity/Religion.: Lutheran

Interment: March 20, 1926, St. John Evangelical Lutheran, Wrightstown, WI4,5


Also mentioned in the sentance about his place of birth was the word Kreis-Obornik. Baptismal sponsors were Carl Schroeder and his half-sister, Mary Mallow. Julius moved from Wakesha to Wrightstown in 1872. Calling hours prior to the funeral were held at 1:30 PM at the residence, and the funeral followed at 2:00 at St. John’s with the Rev. F. C. Uetzmann officiating.


Church Membership: St. John Evangelical Lutheran, Wrightstown, WI

Emigration: 1868, to Waukegau, WI6

Ethnicity/Religion.: Lutheran

Interment: April 23, 1916, St. John Evangelical Lutheran, Wrightstown, WI7

Residence: 1872, Wrightstown, WI8


i. CARL FREDRICK3 MALLOW, JR., b. September 19, 1867, Lenz, Pommerin, Germany; d. December 15, 1880, Wrightstown, WI.

2. ii. MARIA LUISA MALLOW, b. January 08, 1869, Lenz, Pommerin, Germany; d. Abt. 1914, Milwaukee, WI.

iii. MARIE EMILIE MALLOW, b. April 1870, Lenz, Pommerin, Germany9; d. December 01, 1872, Wrightstown, WI9.

iv. FREDRICK AUGUST MALLOW, b. December 16, 1871, Lenz, Pommerin, Germany; d. December 18, 1880, Wrightstown, WI.


3. v. THEODORE GUSTAVE3 STEINKE, b. February 02, 1874, Wrightstown, WI; d. November 12, 1909, Milwaukee, WI.

vi. EMMA STEINKE, b. May 09, 1876, Wrightstown, WI; d. May 29, 1941, Milwaukee, WI; m. WILLIAM EDWARD GERLINGER, Unknown; b. 1873, Kansas; d. December 1929, Milwaukee, WI.


Pastor Thomas B. Lyter of Presbeteryian Church presided over the funeral.


Cause of Death: Leukemia

Interment: Forest Home Cemetery


Occupation: President of Gerlinger Electric Steel Casting Co., West Allis, WI

vii. AMELIA MATILDA FREDERIKA STEINKE, b. March 11, 1877, Wrightstown, WI; d. December 12, 1880, Wrightstown, WI.


Sponsors for Amelia’s baptism were Gottfried Strahl, Augusta Strahl, and Ernestine Krueger.

viii. GUSTOV JULIUS WILHELM STEINKE, b. January 14, 1879, Wrightstown, WI; d. December 1880, Wrightstown, WI.


Sponsors for Gustov’s baptism were August Otto, Johanna Otto, and Carl Mahlke.

4. ix. BERTHA MARTHA HERMINA STEINKE, b. October 12, 1880, Wrightstown, WI; d. December 14, 1952, Geneva, OH.

5. x. OTTO FRANZ BENNO STEINKE, b. November 17, 1882, Wrightstown, WI; d. October 01, 1906, Wrightstown, WI.

xi. ELLA MARTHA ADELLA STEINKE, b. September 15, 1884, Wrightstown, WI; d. February 09, 1885, Wrightstown, WI.

6. xii. MARCUS ALBERT JULIUS STEINKE, b. March 28, 1886, Wrightstown, WI; d. December 30, 1947, Akron, OH.

Generation No. 2

2. MARIA LUISA3 MALLOW (FREDRICKA2 OTTO, WILHELM1) was born January 08, 1869 in Lenz, Pommerin, Germany9, and died Abt. 1914 in Milwaukee, WI. She married JOHN KLUCK Bef. 1891. He was born Abt. 1869, and died Unknown.

Notes for JOHN KLUCK:

My knowledge of the John Kluck family is this: At the age of 12 or 13, John came to Milwaukee with an uncle. The uncle went North to a farm and John stayed in Milwaukee where he worked for a blacksmith. According to Cissa, the smithy was at the bottom of Reservoir hill on North Ave. It was John’s job to bring water down the hill. He married and had four sons, Al, Walter, Edward, and John. John died in infancy and Edward drowned while serving in the Navy. Big John remarried (Mary Mallow) and they had Cissa and Gert. Al lived in Ames, Iowa and raised his family there. Walter was a civilian engineer in the Navy and merchant marines. He traveled the world and came to see Gertrude and us about once a year. bearing gifts from everywhere. Walter was married at least twice and had one son, Ted. He married and had one son. Calvin. Oh I just remembered that the boys had no lineage with the Steinke’s. Except for the fact that John Kluck owned a tavern on State St. and at one point lived in Bay View (a suburb), I know very little about the Klucks. When I was cleaning out Gert’s house I did find a membership card in John’s name for the Klu Klux Klan. I also found a hunting license which listed his height at 5’5″. Much of this stuff was lost in a fire that I had at my house about 14 years ago. I know that Gert and her Dad shared a duplex on 39th and Lisbon and that when John died it went to Gert. (Another Gert Story) She kept it as her legal residence until the late 1970’s when Oscar died and she could openly live at his house.

-Sally Nelson Koceja

Clyde told her (Sally’s cousin Nancy) this story: John Kluck was in Germany and a neighbor girl had a ticket to come to America. She chickened out and so John took the ticket and came by himself to New York City (no uncle with him as I was told). He went into the countryside and started working on farms. He finally settled with some relative (an uncle?) but they didn’t get along so John kept moving west. In Ohio, he worked for a farmer that wanted to adopt him and send him to college or just school but John kept moving west. Once in Milwaukee he got a job with a brewery (Cissa and Gert said blacksmith to me, but both could be right as every brewery had horses and wagons). He became famous in Milwaukee because he could load a barrel of beer on the a wagon by himself. Clyde said all the men would come to see as he huffed and puffed and loaded a barrel. It was an amazing feat as the barrels were so heavy. The secret was that the barrel was empty but John never let on. He worked and saved and eventually brought his mother and brothers to Milwaukee. Clyde only remembers John Kluck and the Kluck cousins, Ella, Ann, Edith, Art and Howard. He has no memory of Kluck aunts and uncles. So the basic story is true, that he came here alone as a lad, but some of the details are different.

-Sally Nelson Koceja

Children of MARIA MALLOW and JOHN KLUCK are:

7. i. NARCISSA4 KLUCK, b. July 17, 1891, Milwaukee, WI; d. March 1981, California (zip 92120).

ii. GERTRUDE B. KLUCK, b. October 23, 1902, Milwaukee, WI10; d. November 16, 1992, Waukesha, WI10.


Gertrude never married.

Gertrude had a 50 year affair with a man named Oscar Haase. His son is the famous Rudy Haase of Chester, NS. (google Rudy Haase). Rudy and his son have the Bluenose Shipbuilding Co. Gertrude led quite a life! For years she ran the Northwestern Confectioner, a monthly trade publication devoted to the interests of the confectionery, ice cream, soft drink and allied industries. She had lunch at the White House and is in the Hershey Hall of Fame in Hershey, Pa.

No, Rudy was not Gertrude’s son but he was very kind to her unlike his brother. To put it mildly, Gertrude was a bit of a slut! She had affairs with older married men. I’m talking about the 1920’s. She had an affair with a man named Cook and that’s how she got the Confectioner magazine. He left it to her when he died much to the shock of his wife. She met Oscar and started an affair with him but his wife didn’t care. She said that he could do anything he wanted as long as there was no divorce and she (the wife} was treated as his wife at holidays etc. Kind of an Eleanor Roosevelt deal. Ocsar had a boat and he and Gert sailed alot on Lake Michigan. Oscar was a lawyer but never practiced law that I know of. His father owned Northwestern Office Furniture in Milwaukee and at the time it was a thriving business. So Oscar ran that ofter his fathers death . The grandpa Haase left all his money to Rudy and his brother in a trust. Oscar was given a yearly stipend so he was never rich but the boys got a bundle. After Oscars wife died, Gertrude moved in with him but it was supposed to be a big secret. For fifty plus years they were together and none of us ever met him although we saw him all the time. If we went out to lunch with Gertrude he would be a table or two away, etc, etc. When Oscar died Rudy told Gertrude that she could stay in the house until she died as long as she paid the taxes. Rudy said his dad and Gert hid the affair from the Haase family too even though everybody knew. He thought that it made it more exciting for them to have this secret romance. I hope so because once Oscar’s wife died Gert could have brought him to all our family events and he would have been welcomed with open arms. I have boxes of their letters to each other. He was “o” or ossie and she was “blue eyes”. They were both very conservative Republicans and big fans of Billy Graham. But they also ran with a swinging crowd. Gertrude was editor of the Confectioner magazine, a trade for the candy industry, and it was successful until the 1980’s. She then sold it and it’s still being published today. During the magazine’s heydays, Gert travelled all over and won many awards and honors. She was a very odd duck and got more eccentric as she got older which is why it was hard to determine that she was senile the last few years. She was a very good looking woman and knew how to use it to her advantage. After Mary Mallow died, I think Gert was 12, Gert moved in with Cissa and Herbert. Things went well until Herbert drowned and then Gert went back with John Kluck. I can imagine that all these events really shaped Gert’s life. Gert was the wild one. The rest of our family were all angels! I didn’t mean to write a book but I think that learning about peoples’ lives is really interesting. Looking at the picture of Gertrude and Julius Steinke who could have guessed what was in her future?

-Sally Nelson Koceja

p.s. Gertrude was a health nut and when she died at age 90 the nursing home said she had the body of a 30 year old woman.


Residence: Milwaukee, WI

Social Security Number: 389-01-566510

3. THEODORE GUSTAVE3 STEINKE (FREDRICKA2 OTTO, WILHELM1) was born February 02, 1874 in Wrightstown, WI, and died November 12, 1909 in Milwaukee, WI. He married HULDA BAUMAN Bef. 1903. She was born November 02, 1877, and died December 13, 1937 in Milwaukee, WI.


Interment: Good Hope Cemetery


8. i. THEODORE HERMAN4 STEINKE, b. October 27, 1903, WI; d. August 17, 1997, Thiensville, WI.

4. BERTHA MARTHA HERMINA3 STEINKE (FREDRICKA2 OTTO, WILHELM1) was born October 12, 1880 in Wrightstown, WI, and died December 14, 1952 in Geneva, OH. She married JOHN NICKOLAS LEGATH, SR. December 19, 1912 in WI. He was born September 03, 1882 in Milwaukee, WI11, and died May 09, 1945 in Geneva, OH.


Baptismal sponsors were Fred Otto, Louise Mallow (her half-sister), and Wilhelmina Otto.


Burial: December 17, 1952, Michaussville, OH

Church Membership: United Church of Christ

Interment: December 1952, Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Michaussville, Ohio


Burial: May 12, 1945, Michaussville, OH

Interment: May 12, 1945, Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Michaussville, Ohio


9. i. JOHN NICKOLAS4 LEGATH, JR., b. August 20, 1917, Cleveland, OH; d. November 14, 1985, Ashtabula, OH.

ii. LT. ARTHUR BERTRAM LEGATH, b. December 06, 1920; d. December 23, 1944, Yugoslavia.


Arthur was a 2nd Lieutenant in a bomber and was shot down over Yugoslavia in World War II while returning to base in Italy.

5. OTTO FRANZ BENNO3 STEINKE (FREDRICKA2 OTTO, WILHELM1) was born November 17, 1882 in Wrightstown, WI, and died October 01, 1906 in Wrightstown, WI. He married ADELINE ETTA HILL May 13, 1905. She was born June 11, 1882, and died June 24, 1971 in Wrightstown, WI.


10. i. EMMA ESTHER OTTILIA4 STEINKE, b. March 20, 1906, Wrightstown, WI.

6. MARCUS ALBERT JULIUS3 STEINKE (FREDRICKA2 OTTO, WILHELM1) was born March 28, 1886 in Wrightstown, WI12, and died December 30, 1947 in Akron, OH. He married MARGUERITE ELSIE BRUNNER December 16, 1908 in Camden, NJ13, daughter of ADAM BRUNNER and MARY COVINGTON. She was born June 25, 1892 in Philadelphia, PA14, and died January 29, 1979 in Springfield, OH.


Baptism at St. John’s Lutheran in Wrightstown, WI, with sponsors Carl Schroeder and Mary Mallow and the Rev. Chr. Popp officiating.

State Commander of the Army and Navy Union from 1931-1933.

Was presented an award of Membre d’Honneur Chevalier on 2 January 1939 by the Societe Royale Humanitaire et Philanthrophique de Sauvelleurs (a Belgian organization?).

Promoted to Colonel of the Military Order of the Firing Squad 18 March 1939 by Ralph N. Werner, Commander in Cheif of the Military Order of the Firing Squad.

Retired from Goodyear Tire & Rubber in 1942 and moved to Fox Lake, WI.

He was a member of Akron chapter Loyalty lodge no. 645 of F & AM and a patron member of the Order of Eastern Star in Fox Lake.

Funeral services were arranged by Billow’s Funeral Homes.


Baptism: April 10, 1886, St. John’s Lutheran, Wrightstown, WI

Burial: January 03, 1948, Fairlawn, OH

Ethnicity/Religion.: Lutheran

Interment: Rose Hill Cemetary, Fairlawn, OH

Military service: Bet. 1904 – December 08 1908, U. S. Marine Corps

Occupation: electrician, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

Residence: Akron, OH

Retirement: 1942, Akron, OH


She was confirmed at the Memorial Church of St. Paul (15th and Porter Sts.) in Philadelphia, PA, by either Rev. Alexander Mackay-Smith, D.D., or Edwin S. Carson, Rector.

Member of the Elva Chapter, Eastern Star.

Member Yusef Kahn Cauldron.

Member the Amaranth.

Member Army Navy Union.


Burial: February 01, 1979, Fairlawn, OH

Cause of Death: Cerebral Vascular Occlusion (stroke)

Church Membership: Trinity Lutheran Church, Akron, OH

Confirmation: April 01, 1908, Memorial Church of St. Paul, Philadelphia, PA

Ethnicity/Religion.: Lutheran

Interment: Rose Hill Cemetary, Fairlawn, OH

Occupation: Cafeteria worker at Buchtel High School

Residence: Akron, OH

Social Security Number: 300-22-6938


Married by Rev. James D. Bills of the Tabernacle M.E. Church, Camden, NJ. Witnessed by Mrs. E. C. Pogue and Elizabeth Barton. Marcus was living in Camden and Margurite was living in Philadelphia at the time of their marriage.


11. i. ETHEL MERRIAM4 STEINKE, b. March 21, 1910, Milwaukee, WI; d. May 18, 1998, Walnut Creek, OH.

ii. INFANT STEINKE, b. May 21, 1911, Milwaukee, WI; d. May 21, 1911, Milwaukee, WI15.


Burial: May 1911, Milwaukee, WI

Interment: May 1911, Union Cemetery, range 3, no. 73 S

Generation No. 3

7. NARCISSA4 KLUCK (MARIA LUISA3 MALLOW, FREDRICKA2 OTTO, WILHELM1) was born July 17, 1891 in Milwaukee, WI16, and died March 1981 in California (zip 92120)16. She married (1) HERBERT THUROW Abt. 1911, son of IDA THUROW. He was born Abt. 1890, and died Abt. 1915. She married (2) WALTER HUSSMANN Aft. 1916. He was born Abt. 1891, and died Abt. 1961.


Burial: Milwaukee, WI


Cause of Death: drowning


i. DOROTHY5 THUROW, b. January 12, 1916, WI, died January 19, 1903 WI; m. May 2, 1936 to GEORGE BAILEY NELSON b. March 22, 1914, died July 24, 1995.

Marriage Notes for DOROTHY THUROW and NELSON:

Married by Pastor Thomas B. Lyter of Presbeteryian Church. He made my (Sally Nelson Koceja) mother walk down the aisle before the bridesmaids. He later went to Washington state and my dad sent him a check every year until he died.


ii. CLYDE W.5 HUSSMANN, b. May 16, 1925; m. MARIE CRUPI, September 03, 1949; b. October 13, 1926.


Residence: Milwaukee, WI?

8. THEODORE HERMAN4 STEINKE (THEODORE GUSTAVE3, FREDRICKA2 OTTO, WILHELM1) was born October 27, 1903 in WI, and died August 17, 1997 in Thiensville, WI. He married PEARL RUTH KASTEN June 18, 1927. She was born May 16, 1897, and died February 21, 1978 in WI.


i. GLORIA KAY5 STEINKE, b. July 24, 1930; m. J. KASTEN.

ii. THEODORE ROBERT STEINKE, b. December 26, 1941; m. ALICE RICHMOND ROBERTS, October 12, 1963; b. August 22, 1941.

9. JOHN NICKOLAS4 LEGATH, JR. (BERTHA MARTHA HERMINA3 STEINKE, FREDRICKA2 OTTO, WILHELM1) was born August 20, 1917 in Cleveland, OH, and died November 14, 1985 in Ashtabula, OH. He married ESTHER MAE COOK April 28, 1945. She was born April 21, 1919, and died May 16, 2000 in Ashtabula, Ohio.


Social Security Number: 292-14-1360


i. JAMES ARTHUR5 LEGATH, b. August 08, 1948; d. August 1990; m. VALERIA WOS, Bef. 1974; b. Abt. 1948.

10. EMMA ESTHER OTTILIA4 STEINKE (OTTO FRANZ BENNO3, FREDRICKA2 OTTO, WILHELM1) was born March 20, 1906 in Wrightstown, WI. She married WILMER JOHN WORLUND June 12, 1929 in WI Rapids, WI, son of JOHN WORLUND and ADELINE [–?–]. He was born April 12, 1900 in Sigel, WI, and died August 03, 1988 in Marshfield, WI.


Service in the U. S. Army was in the Panama Canal Zone.

Member of Independent Order of Odd Fellows.


Interment: August 1988, Restlawn Memorial Park Cemetery

Military service: Bet. 1919 – 1922, U. S. Army

Occupation: owner/operator of Worlund Tire Services


i. ROGER WILMER5 WORLUND, b. September 01, 1930; d. Abt. 1994, WI; m. JOAN ALICE KROLL, September 05, 1953; b. November 05, 1932; d. Abt. 1993, WI.

ii. KATHLEEN ANN WORLUND, b. August 22, 1945; m. [—?–] RUNKE; b. Unknown.

11. ETHEL MERRIAM4 STEINKE (MARCUS ALBERT JULIUS3, FREDRICKA2 OTTO, WILHELM1) was born March 21, 1910 in Milwaukee, WI, and died May 18, 1998 in Walnut Creek, OH17. She married (1) ARTHUR CECIL WILLIAMS June 10, 1933 in Akron, OH, son of ARTHUR WILLIAMS and EVELINE ADDERLEY. He was born June 26, 1909 in East Liverpool, OH18, and died April 04, 1965 in Salem, OH18. She married (2) EVAN THOMAS LEWIS October 19, 1973 in Fairlawn, OH, son of DANIEL LEWIS and MARGARET DENNIS. He was born February 25, 1908 in Newcastle, PA, and died February 27, 1998 in Akron, OH.


Came to Akron from Milwaukee in 1918.


Baptism: June 12, 1910, Milwaukee, WI19

Burial: May 1998, Fairlawn, OH

Cause of Death: heart attack caused by degenerative heart failure

Church Membership: Faith Lutheran Church, Fairlawn, OH

Confirmation: Trinity Lutheran Church, Akron, OH

Ethnicity/Religion.: Lutheran

Interment: May 23, 1998, Rose Hill Cemetary, Fairlawn, OH20

Medical Information: diabetic

Occupation: Bookkeeper

Personality/Interests: Eastern Star, Yusef Grotto, Akron Women’s City Club

Residence: Akron, OH


He was commonly known as “Cece” Williams, short for Cecil, his middle name.


Cause of Death: Cancer

Church Membership: Trinity Lutheran Church, Akron, OH

Ethnicity/Religion.: Lutheran

Interment: Rose Hill Cemetary, Sect. 17, Fairlawn, OH

Medical Information: pipe smoker

Occupation: Office Mgr., Engineer, Ohio Bell Telephone

Personality/Interests: Mason


Evan Thomas Lewis was the best man at the wedding of Ethel and Arthur Cecil Williams.


Cause of Death: pnumonia

Church Membership: Faith Lutheran Church, Fairlawn, OH

Ethnicity/Religion.: Methodist/Lutheran

Interment: Union Cemetary, Niles, OH (inurnment)

Medical Information: heart bypass surgery 1996(7)?

Occupation: General Electric Lighting Division – Conneaut, OH

Personality/Interests: Mason, avid golfer

Residence: Akron, OH


i. ROBERT ALLEN5 WILLIAMS, b. April 28, 1935, Akron, OH21; m. MARY CAROLYN LUTZ, May 17, 1958, Akron, OH; b. November 26, 1936, Akron, OH21.


Baptism: June 30, 1935, Trinity Lutheran Church, Akron, OH

Church Membership: Trinity United Methodist, Bradenton, FL

Comment 2: U. S. Army stationed Louisiana 1954

Confirmation: June 05, 1949, Trinity Lutheran Church, Akron, OH

Ethnicity/Religion.: United Methodist

Medical Information: diagnosed with Huntingdon’s Disease 2008

Occupation: Central Office Technician, Ohio Bell Telephone

Personality/Interests: Crossword Puzzles, Reading, Mason

Residence: Bradenton, FL


Church Membership: Trinity United Methodist, Bradenton, FL

Confirmation: Christ United Methodist Church, Akron, OH

Ethnicity/Religion.: United Methodist

Occupation: Secretary

Personality/Interests: Genealogy

Residence: Bradenton, FL


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Lyda M. Bailey

Lyda was born on December 4, 1888 in Wisconsin and died September 17, 1966 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She married George Nelson October 8, 1917 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

They had two children:

  • Jesse Nelson born March 20, 1909, died May 14, 1988. She married George F. Crandall born 1904 and died September 13, 1982in Albuquerque, Bernalillo, New Mexico. The family called her “Jess” but her friends called her “Jaye”. She and George had two sons. One living, and James Warren Crandall born March 20, 1928 in Elgerton, WI and died June 7, 1992 in Tucson, Pima, AZ. James was married to a woman named Margo who died June 19, 1990.
  • George Bailey Nelson, Jr. was born March 22, 1914 in Milwaukee, died July 24, 1995 married Dorothy Thurow b: January 12, 1916 in Milwaukee, WI, died January 19, 1903. Dorothy was the sister of his uncle’s wife, Gloria Thurow. George and Gloria had two children: a daughter (living), and Sally J. Nelson born August 6, 1946 in Milwaukee and died October 25, 2014 in Milwaukee. He was a Milwaukee policeman and was a lieutenant when he retired.

Notes from Lyda’s granddaughter (2009):

Lyda was called “IO” which started when Jim Crandall was young and could not say “Grandma”. She was only 5 foot tall and never weighed more than 90 pounds. She was very kind. She read a book a day (mostly mysteries) and smoked right up until her death of a heart attack. She lived with her son George and his family after George Sr. died.

George and Dorothy were building their 4-bedroom dream home in Milwaukee. They changed the plans and made an apartment for Lyda upstairs. She was left with little money and soat the age of 60 got her first job as a sales lady at Gimbels. She never learned to drive.

George, Sr. worked as a foundry supervisor. They lived in Sheboygan, Fort Atkinson, Milton, Janesville, Milwaukee and Waukesha, Wisconsin.

She was not a pretty woman but was tall and striking. She always dressed well and was a delight to be with. She did a lot of work for retarded children and with a few other mothers started an organization for retarded children in the 1930’s. This was a time when little was done if you had a retarded child. Her grandson, David, was retarded and did very well and worked at the Albuquerque post office for years and is now retired and living in a group home. Jess lived in Waukesha, Wisconsin and Beloit, Wisconsin before she and George moved to Albuquerque to be near their son and his family.

Both Lyda and her husband are buried in the Bailey lot at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

I received the above information and photographs from Sally Nelson Koceja, granddaughter of Lyda who has since passed away. She was a lovely person and will be greatly missed.


Other Baileys in the area during 1905 Census were Samuel B., Deborah, and Polly.

Birth year was taken from the 1905 Wisconsin Census, Eau Claire. However, the 1900 census shows her as being born in 1887 in Wisconsin and that her name was Eliza. So, she was most likely an Elizabeth.

Additional notes:

From History of Northern Wisconsin, Chicago 1881: William H. Bailey b: 1835 Essex Cty, New York went to Eau Claire, Wisconsin in 1857. Charles Bailey 1843-1905, Josephine Bailey 1851-1930 (2nd wife?).

John and Lyda are not yet born in 1880. Melissa is Rebecca’s mother. Other records show her as being born in New York.

Interestingly, there was another William Henry Bailey living in Eau Claire on the same street at the same time. He married an M.M. Bailey. The two families are not at all related, however. Also, there were three Charles E. Baileys in Eau Claire. (A genealogists nightmare!) I found all of these Baileys in the records at Eau Claire Cty Courthouse as well as grave sites at Sacred Heart Cemetery in Eau Claire. In addition, there is another Russell C. Bailey who looks a lot like our Bailey family.

There is a Capt. John Bailey who died April 22, 1828 at age 67 in Marblehead, Massachusetts. John married February 13, 1783 in Marblehead to Mary. Her maiden name is unreadable but ends in “uling”, I think. I believe his widow, Mary died May 13, 1840 a. 79 y. 7 m. 13 d. She would have been born on September 30, 1760. Massachusetts, U.S., Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988 Marblehead Vital Record Transcripts under Marblehead Births, page 22, it shows the following birth records for the children of Capt. John and Mary Bailey:

  • John born October ?, 1783, died August 3, 1786 a. 2 y. 11 m.
  • John born September 30, 1789 died at 10 m.
  • Mary (twin) died September 30, 1789 died at 10 m. 8 days.
  • Mary died August 4, 1790.
  • John Russell, February 10, 1791 (May have married Katharine S. Scobie on September 6, 1812)
  • Mary born May 15, 1798 (May have married William Brown, July 7, 1816)
  • Nabby, born July 21, 1783
  • Russell born May 16, 1804, married Hannah Andrews December 25, 1827 in Marblehead (page 18). He died October 20, 1848 at 44 y. 5 m. 15 d.
  • Thomas born December 18, 1792 died “suddenly” on October 9, 1824

Children of Russell and Hannah:

  • Benjamin Andrews June 19, 1828
  • Hannah Russell August 13, 1833 (Note “Russell”)
  • Mary Ellen December 24, 1830
  • Unknown baptized August 2, 1835

There are other Baileys listed who are probably related.

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Sea Slug

Mildred Agnes Bailey, daughter of William Henry Bailey and Mary Harmison was married to John Malaney and they had a daughter Virginia. Virginia married Leo Gosliner and they had two sons. From Virginia’s obituary: “She was the consummate supportive parent, transporting her kids to pre-dawn low tides on the Marin Coast or to the Sierras …

Russ Bailey, Baseball Pioneer

Russell C. Bailey was born January 26, 1879 in Sparta, Monroe County, Wisconsin to Charles and Rebecca (Hall) Bailey. Mr. Bailey’s career as a baseball player and manager began in 1905, when he played with Eau Claire in the Illinois-Wisconsin league. He retired from active participation in the game in 1912, when he was manager …

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