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What the family was told was that the first known Sandretzky (Sanderetzky) ancestor was actually an Englishman by the name of Sir Cirklah (Cirklaw), a gentleman who was born in Portsmouth, England but migrated to the area of Baden, Germany. Sir Cirklah was a teacher of English at Heidelberg, Germany.

Cirklah came to Rhode Island in 1848 where Emmanuel was born. When Emanuel was six months old, Sir Cirklah was recalled to Baden, Germany to fight in the Crimean Revolution between real Germany and Prussia. He was taken prisoner, and being a captain, was confined in the fortification in Rastatt (near Baden) and died there in 1849. (I’m not sure why an Englishman would be recalled to the Crimean) Julia migrated to Stillwater, Washington, Minnesota with her two sons. Julia became acquainted with Sir Cirklah while attending evening classes at the Heidelberg University in Germany. When Cirklah died she worked in Heidelburg 3 years and then again came to America. She left Julius and Emanuel behind with their grandmother for 6 years. Julia sent for the boys and they spent the winter of 1858 and spring of 1859 traveling to Stillwater.

He was married to Julia Dorothy Young (Jung) who was born December 4, 1815 (headstone says 1817) at Durlach, Baden, Germany and died January 27, 1901 in St. Paul, Minnesota, it is said that she was a “Lady in Waiting”. Young was spelled Jung in Germany and the family changed it to the more familiar Young.

So, most of the Sandretzky descendants are not Sandretzky at all. Only Emma Sandretzky Resler’s family are true Sandretzkys. Emel wrote later that he should have dropped the “z” in Sandretzky too. Also, it is doubtful that Sir Cirklah is an actual knight as there is no documentation to be found and Cirklah is not an English name. Julia and Sir Cirklah’s marriage produced two children:

Julius Frederick Cirklah Young

Julius was born February 28, 1844 in Heidelburg, Germany to Julia Young and unknown father [thought to be Christoph Moessner (1808-1864)] and died September 4, 1920 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Julius came to the U.S. at age 14 and settled in Stillwater, Washington, Minnesota where he took his mother’s maiden name [Americanized from Jung to Young]. In 1862 he enlisted in Company A of the 20th Wisconsin Infantry and served more than three years taking part in a number of engagements as orderly for Union Generals. He learned the watchmaker trade in St. Paul and was a graduate of the Detroit Optical Institute. Julius moved to Owatonna in 1865 and was a pioneer and the proprietor of one of the finest jewelry stores in Owatonna, occupying the lower floor of the “Young Block” which he then owned. He was considered a “progressive and public spirited citizen”. He retired in 1914 and moved to St. Paul. The Young’s home was named “Terrace Hill”. This home was for sale. See pics of the house. .

He married June 30, 1872 in Owatonna, Steele, Minnesota to Rosalie C. Dinnijes born September 7, 1854 in Wisconsin and died June 8, 1937 in Owatonna, Steele, Minnesota.

Julius and Rosalie had two daughters:

  • Baby Boy Young, died in 1874
  • Eleanor Rosalie Young was born September 10/15, 1875 in Owatonna, Steele, Minnesota and died July 19, 1966 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon. She married July 19, 1933 to Sanford Close. No children. [maybe a daughter named Donna?]
  • Julius Frederick Young was born in 1879 in Minnesota and died April 22, 1880 in Steele County, Minnesota.
  • Camilla Amelia Young was born March 2, 1885 in Owatonna, Steele, Minnesota and died July 28, 1984 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon. She married June 7, 1913in Owatonna, Steele, Minnesota to Harry Amesiah Dezell. No children.
Emanuel (Emel/Emil) Cirklah Sandretzky

Emanuel (Emel/Emil) Cirklah Sandretzky (adopted at age 10). “Emel/Emil” was born in Rhode Island on October 27, 1848 and died April 20, 1937 and is buried at Waseca, Minnesota. More on Emil’s family>>>

After Sir Cirklah’s death, Julia married Charles Frederick Von Sandretzky. They had met on the boat to the U.S. Julia’s obituary read that she was honorable, upright, paying her debt to the last penny, had strong resentment, quick temper, but with these faults — she had many virtues.

Charles was born in Riga, Prussia in 1822/5 and died December 21, 1870 in Waseca, Waseca, Minnesota of typhoid fever. Charles was a Civil War vet (Co E, Minnesota 1st Fort Ripley). His death certificate says his mother’s name was Anna. They had four daughters of which only one survived (Emma). Julia then sent for Julius and Emil and they arrived in Stillwater in late 1858 or Spring of 1859. Julius was 14 years old and Emil was 10 years old. After their arrival in Stillwater, Minnesota, Charles wanted all the children under one name so he adopted Emil. Julius retained the maiden name of his mother, Young. Charles was a barber in Stillwater, Minneseota and died of typhoid fever. His mother’s name was Anna and they were from Prussia. The picture of Charles Von Sandretzky’s clothing is a mystery.

Julia Young and Charles Sandretzky had one surviving daughter:

They had the following children:

Emma R. Sandretzky was born October 11, 1857 at Stillwater, Washington, Minnesota and died September 29, 1957 at White Bear Lake, Ramsey, Minnesota. Emma was a church organist most of her life. She married on December 10, 1878 in Waseca, Minnesota to Charles J. Resler (1854-1940). He was born December 1855 in Indiana, he died December 21, 1870 in St. Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota. His parents were both born in Germany.

  • George Earl Resler was born November 12, 1882 in Waseca, Waseca, Minnesota and died January 16, 1954 in Olmsted County, Minnesota. He married Dorothy Brooke (1894-1970). George may have had a son named Frederick Floyd Resler. George was a well-known artist. You can find information on him at the following links: (Sidewalks of St. Paul: The Etchings of George E. Resler), (“The Marsh” — print at the Smithsonian American Art Museum Renwick Gallery),
  • Clarence Edward Resler born December 4, 1884 in Waseca, Minnesota and died January 16, 1969 in St. Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota. He was married to Louisa Frantz Bassett, (1886-1989). They had four children.
Drawing by George Ressler
  • Lloyd Winifred Resler was born September 18, 1886 in Waseca, Minnesota and died June 10, 1945 in St. Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota. He married a woman named L. Emma _____ and had three children.
  • Anna Louisa Resler born June 24, 1890 in Waseca, Waseca, Minnesota and died October 13, 1975 in Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska. She was married to Edgar Brown. [There is another Anna Resler born about the same time and married to an Edgar Brown also.]

In the 1900 census for Ramsey County, Minnesota, Julia D. Sandretzky is shown living with Charles E. Resler’s family. She was 84 years old at the time. It shows that she got her citizenship in 1845 and had been in America for 55 years.

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