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Duclos Family

The earliest known Duclos ancestor was Mathias Duclaux (Duclos) who was born and died in France. He married Barbara Schnell. Their son was:

Laurent Duclos was born October 13, 1748 in Desges, Haute-Loire, Auvergne, France and died in 1845 in Les Chazeaux, Nièvre, Bourgogne, France. He married January 3, 1774 in Haguenau, 67500, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France to Catherine Haas. She was buried February 24, 1857 in Ellerstadat, Bayern, Preußen. Catherine’s parents were Nikolaus Hass and Marguerite Stefan.Their children were:

  • Laurent Duclos born about 1775 (see below)
  • Joseph Duclos (unconfirmed)

Laurent Duclos was born about 1775 in Niederschaeffheim, Alsace, France (another tree shows his birthplace as Aurillac, Cantal, Auvergne, France.) He died June 20, 1804 in Kaltenhouse, Bas Rhin, Alsace, France. He married March 12, 1793 in Kaltenhausen, St. Rhine, Alsace, to Catherine Scherr. Catherine was born in 1767 and died in 1821 in Kaltenhausen, Bas-Rhin Alsace, France. Her parents were ______ Scherr and Anna Meyer. Anna was born November 16, 1749 in Vendenheim, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France, deceased before 1850 – Niederschaeffolsheim, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France. Laurent and Catherine had:

  • Laurent Duclos 1795-1866 married Barb Roehri 1798-1864..
  • Matias Duclos 1798-1849 (see below)
  • Joseph Duclos 1800-1829, married Magdalena Rick.

Mathias Duclos, Sr. was born June 3, 1795 in Kaltenhausen, Alsace. He married February 18, 1818 in Kaltenhausen to Maria Ann Altenberger or Rohri (Rehry) who was born 1798 in Kaltenhausen. After saying goodbye to home and friends, they sailed for America in 1826, (probably later as their son, Joseph was born in Kaltenhausen) landing in Boston, Mass. From Boston they went to New York City, later to Albany, Utica and Buffalo, and then crossed the lake to Cleveland, Ohio and then continued into Canton, Ohio and from there went to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, remaining in that city about 11 years. Their next place of residence was in Franklin County, Indiana, where they spent 12 years. Mathias died there in 1847. His wife Maria Ann survived him by 5 years and die din Cincinnati, Ohio. They had eight children who reached maturity:

  • Lawrence Duclos was born September 4, 1818-1851 married Amelia Price.
  • Mathias Duclos, Jr. was born November 29, 1819 in Kaltenhausen, Bas-Rhin Alsace, France(see below)
  • Maria Anne Duclos was born September 2, 1821 Kaltenhausen, Bas-Rhin Alsace, France married Joseph Schienes.
  • Barbara Duclos was born December 21, 1822 Kaltenhausen, Bas-Rhin Alsace, France married Lewis Etter.
  • Madeleina Duclos was born November 16, 1824 Kaltenhausen, Bas-Rhin Alsace, France.
  • Catherine Duclos was born October 15, 1826 Kaltenhausen, Bas-Rhin Alsace, France.
  • Joseph Duclos was born October 18, 1827 Kaltenhausen, Bas-Rhin Alsace, France.
  • Anton Duclos was born 1832 Ohio (Also known as Lorentz?).
  • Louis Duclos was born September 20, 1840 Oldenburg, Franklin, Indiana married Josephine Freund.

Mathias Duclos, Jr. born November 29, 1819 in Kaltenhausen, Bas Rhin, Alsace, France. As a boy of seven years he came to America with his parents in 1826. He was raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Franklin County, Indiana, where he met and married Juliana Stathel on October 20, 1844. She was born January 16, 1825 in Berg, Germany. As a young man, Mathias went south to New Orleans where he worked for seven years. He returned to Indiana for his bride. The couple was living in New Orleans in 1846 at the outbreak of the Mexican War, but Mrs. Duclos, not enjoying the prospects of a home in the midst of the perils of war, persuaded her husband to return to Indiana. In 1850 they moved to a farm near St. Lucas, Iowa. It was Mathias Duclos and his father-in-law Anton Stathel who donated the land on which St. Lucas Catholic Church in St. Lucas, Iowa is built. Mathias died on August 16, 1913 at St. Lucas and Julia died January 13, 1901 at St. Lucas They had 13 children:

  • Mathias Duclos, III was born April 11, 1847 in Oldenburg, Franklin, Indiana died February 15, 1854 in Auburn Township, Fayette, Indiana.
  • Mary Duclos was born October 6, 1848 in Oldenburg and died May 19, 1867 in Fayette City, Iowa.
  • Juliana Duclos was born July 13, 1850 in Old Mission, Winneshiek, Iowa married Nicholas Buchheit and died December 14, 1912 in Festina, Winneshiek, Iowa.
  • Philomena Duclos was born February 20, 1852 in St. Lucas died Feburary 25, 1859 same place.
  • Anton (Anthony) Duclos was born 1854 Fayette, Iowa, married Barbara Rosenbaum. (see below)
  • Louis Duclos was born August 16, 1856 in St. Lucas, married October 29, 1878 in St. Lucas to Carol Zweibohmer and died June 26, 1928 in Atkinson, Iowa
  • Francesca (Frances) Duclos was born August 10, 1859 in St. Lucas married May 15, 1877 to Dominic Bies in St. Lucas and died November 3, 1923 in Salem, McCook, South Dakota.
  • Anna (Hannah) Duclos was born June 16,1861 St. Lucas married John Bies on February 26, 1878 in St. Lucas. She died December 18, 1943 in Huron, McCook, South Dakota.
  • Magdalena Duclos was born March 19, 1863 in St. Lucas married April 28, 1891 in St. Lucas to Thomas Sloan and died February 3, 1940 in St. Lucas.
  • Elizabeth Duclos was born March 19, 1866 and died July 7, 1879 in St. Lucas.
  • Nicholas (Niklaus) Duclos was born July 24, 1868 and died 1881 St. Lucas.
  • Barbara Duclos was born June 10, 1870 in St. Lucas, married November 24, 1891 in St. Lucas to Nick Winter and died November 3, 1955 in St. Lucas.

Anton Duclos born May 4, 1854 in St. Lucas, Fayette, Iowa, married September 2, 1876 in St. Lucas to Barbara Rosenbaum who was born June 23, 1856 in Marytown, Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin. They farmed in the area around Festina and St. Lucas, Iowa and lived for a time in Winneshiek County, Iowa. Anton and Barbara had 12 children, 9 of whom were born in Iowa. In 1892, the Ducloses and several other relatives moved from Iowa to Wilmont Township, Minnesota near St. Kilian. There, they farmed and had 3 more children. In 1916, Anton and Barbara, along with several of their children and their children’s families moved north to Stearns County, Minnesota. They lived in Freeport, Stearns, Minnesota until they were eventually residents of St. Joseph’s home in St. Cloud, Minnesota. He died November 29, 1935 in St. Cloud, Stearns, Minnesota and she died February 12, 1937 in St. Cloud. They are both buried at Freeport, Stearns, Minnesota. Their children:

  • Julianna “Julia” B. Duclos was born November 15, 1877 in Fayette, Iowa and died July 24, 1964 in Hennepin County, Minnesota. She married on October 16, 1894 to Henry John Kleve (1871-1958). She is buried in Vermillion, Minnesota. They had three children.
  • Catherine “Katie” Duclos was born November 13, 1878 in Saint Lucas, Fayette, Iowa and died August 4, 1952 in Sauk Centre, Stearns, Minnesota. She married February 11, 1896 to William John Kleve (1871-1958) in St. Kilian, Nobles, Minnesota. They had five children.
  • John Anthony Duclos was born September 6, 1880 in Old Mission, Iowa married to Kate Hoffman and died May 27, 1961 in Freeport, Stearns, Minnesota. He married Katherine Hoffman (1885-1972). They had eleven children.
  • Philomena Juliana Duclos was born April 4, 1882 in Festina, Winneshiek, Iowa and died July 31, 1965 at Melrose, Stearns, Minnesota. She married November 19, 1901 to Joseph Wachman (1876-1960) in St. Kilian, Nobles, Minnesota. They had eight children.
  • Christine(a) Barbara Duclos was born October 15, 1883 (or November 15, 1884) in Festina, Winneshiek, Iowa and died September 11, 1923 in St. Cloud, Stearns, Minnesota. She married Joseph Frank Schissel (1872-1953). They had at least one child.
  • Barbara Duclos was born February 24, 1886 in Winneshiek County, Iowa and died June 28, 1975 in Saint Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota. She married William Frank Schissel (1877-1944). They had nine children.
  • Rosalia Anna (Rose) Duclos was born July 26, 1888 in Minnesota and died April 4, 1961 in Nobles County, Minnesota. She married in 1909 to Hugo Schissel (1879-1957).
  • Henry Duclos was born April 3, 1890 in Festina, Winneshiek, Iowa and died June 30, 1918 in Freeport, Stearns, Minnesota. He married Agnes Soehner (1891-1968). They had two children.
  • Elizabeth A. Duclos was born February 5, 1892 in St. Lucas, Fayette, Iowa and died December 24, 1977 in Stearns County, Minnesota. Never married.
  • Josephine Duclos was born 1894 in St. Kilian, Nobles, Minnesota and became a Domican Nun. Family history states that she was swept away by the St. Patrick’s day flood (March 17 and 18, 1936) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania along with 150-200 others. See the Wikipedia article here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pittsburgh_flood_of_1936. However, on July 7, 1938 in Pittsburgh she applied for a marriage license to marry Alexander V. Vavalistas (or Vavas) (1897-1954). Her parents are listed as Anthony Duclos and Barbara Rosenbaum. It also gives her birth date as January 6, 1900 and that she was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In addition there is a death certificate for their daughter, Mary N. Vavas who was born December 9, 1925 in Pittsburgh, Alleghany, Pennsylvania and died June 17, 1927 at less than two years of age. There were probably other children.
  • Margaret E. Duclos was born August 5, 1896 at Saint Lucas, Fayette, Iowa and died January 21, 1981 in Saint Cloud, Stearns, Minnesota. She married in 1917 in Freeport, Stearns, Minnesota to John Schissel (1889-1967) .
  • George Anton Duclos was born September 3, 1898 in Wilmont, Nobles, Minnesota and died April 11, 1972 in Seattle, King, Washington. He married in November 1921 to Hannah Stella Pearson. See Pearson family below. They had four children:
    • Robert Lester Duclos born July 22, 1923 in St. Cloud, Stearns, Minnesota and died January 31, 2015 in Pine City, Pine, Minnesota. He married on January 19, 1980 in Anoka, Minnesota to Marion Neomi Larson (1928-1999). No children.
    • Norma Jean Duclos born March 8, 1925 in Osseo, Minnesota and died on September 18, 1985 in Anoka, Anoka, Minnesota. She married August 6, 1949 in Anoka, Minnesota to Jacob J. Strouse. They had 3 children.
    • Richard James Duclos was born May 8, 1930 in Osseo, Hennepin, Minnesota and died June 10, 2019 in Anoka, Anoka, Minnesota. He married Roslyn Mary Talbott (1931-2019). They had 5 children.
    • Daughter, still living.

Simon Rosenbaum and Catharina Wich were both born in Germany. Family tradition states that they came specifically from Bavaria (Bayern). Simon was born October 1, 1831, while Catharina was born October 2,1820. It can be seen that she was several years his elder. They were married in October of 1854 in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin. (She may have been a widow and Margaretha Wich may have been her mother-in-law)* On November 2, 1864, the Rosenbaums moved from Marytown, Wisconsin to Iowa making the trip by train and wagon. They located on a farm east of Festina. Her mother, Margaretha Wich had been living with the Rosenbaums at Marytown and also accompanied the family to Festina. Margaretha died September 22, 1873 in Festina, and is buried next to her daughter Catharina and son-in-law Simon. Catharina Rosenbaum died October 19, 1902 in Festina and Simon died June 27, 1914 at Festina.

Their children:

  • Barbara Rosenbaum was born June 23, 1856 Marytown, Wisconsin married Anton Duclos
  • Andrew Rosenbaum was born January 20, 1858 Marytown, Wisconsin
  • John Rosenbaum was born 1860 Marytown, Wisconsin

*Information regarding the wedding date and place was shared by Diane Ring.


Anton Stathel was born May 5, 1802 in Berg Kandel, Bavaria, died September 24, 1882 in St. Lucas, Iowa. He married March 1, 1832 in Roemisch-Katholische, Berg Kandel, Pfalz, Bayern to Francisca Worst. She died in 1881 in St. Lucas. Berg is in Germany just to the northeastern tip of France. The Stathels lived in Franklin County, Indiana and then moved on to St. Lucas in 1849, and and enjoyed the distinction of being the first white family to establish a home in that town. Anton Stathel died at his home in St. Lucas in 1883, and his wife died in St. Lucas in 1881. By 1891 daughter Lena had died and their son, Anthony was living in Auburn township, Fayette County, Iowa. Anton Stathel and his daughter Julia Ann’s husband Mathias Duclos, Jr. each donated 20 acres of land on which was built St. Lucas Catholic Church in St. Lucas, Iowa. Their children:

  • Juliana Worst Stathel born February 15, 1825* Barickberg, Berg, Germany, died January 13, 1901 in St. Lucas, Iowa. She married October 20, 1844 in Franklin County, Indiana to Mathias Duclos*.
  • Anthony Stathel was born in 1833 in Berg. He appears in the 1860 census in Auburn Twp. Anthony married Maria Kommeda. Maria was born in 1836. They had three children. The 1860 census shows them living in Auburn.
  • Anna Stathel was born in 1857 in St. Lucas.
  • Barbara Stathel was born in 1858 in St. Lucas.
  • Joseph C. Stathel was born in 1867 in Iowa. Joseph married Mary Triska, daughter of John J. Triska and Mary Suchan. Mary was born in 1881 in Spillville. They had one son: Ervin. In 1925 census, he was recorded as Joseph C. Stadle, age 58.
    • Ervin Stathel was born in 1913.
  • Franziska Stathel was born in 1837 in Oldenburg, Franklin Co., Indiana, died on 3 Aug 1914 in St. Lucas at age 77, and was buried in St. Lucas Cemetery. Franziska married Sigmund (Sig) Schaufenbuel. Sigmund was born in 1836 in Switzerland, died on 26 Jun 1918 in St. Lucas at age 82, and was buried in St. Lucas Cemetery.
  • Magdalyn Stathel was born in 1842 in Oldenburg, Franklin Co., Indiana and died in 1874 at age 32. She probably died from childbirth. Magdalyn married Sigmund (Sig) Schaufenbuel. Sigmund was born in 1836 in Switzerland, died on 26 Jun 1918 in St. Lucas at age 82, and was buried in St. Lucas Cemetery. They had seven children: Franziska, Rosalia, Anton, Josephine, Anthony, Joseph, and John. They moved to St. Lucas in 1849. He donated 20 acres of land to build St. Lucas Catholic Church. In the 1880 census the name is spelled “Scumfenhull”!

“A French missionary priest who had worked with the Indianas in Iowa, visited a friend, John Gaertner in Cincinnati, Ohio. Gaertner then learned of the potentially good farming land to be had in Iowa. In October of 1848, Gaertner and two men from Oldenburg, Indiana–Anton Stathel and George Bechel–visited the area of the abandoned Indian Reservation surrounding Fort Atkinson, Iowa. Apparently pleased with what they saw, they returned to Indiana, sold their farms, and in the spring of 1849 journeyed on horsedrawn caravans to Cincinnati, following the Ohio River westward to the Mississippi, then north to McGregor, and finally to Old Mission, Iowa. When they arrived, the families lived in block houses which had been abandoned by the Indians. Later they moved into other homes which they built.”

*Juliana Worst was born illegitimately six years before Anton and Francisca married.


The first ancestors in America were Isaak Pearson and Elna Swanson. Isaak was born January 8, 1848 in Kristinastads, län, Sweden and died August 30, 1919 in Donaldson, Kittson, Minnesota. The Pearson family name has at least three other spellings — Pehrson, Persson, and Person. Of course, this means that Isaak’s father’s name was Per.

Ellen (Elna) Swanson (also two other spellings-Swenson, Svenson). She was born April 28, 1858 in Wanneberga, Kristianstade, Sweden and died December 9, 1909 in Donaldson, Kittson, Minnesota. Her father’s first name would have probably been Swan or Sven.

There is a record in the Minnesota Marriages Index that shows a marriage for A. J. Pearson and Ellen Swanson dated April 10, 1887 in Vasa, Goodhue, Minnesota. This would make sense if their first child, Axel, hadn’t been born in Sweden in 1886. But since their second child, Anna was born in Minnesota in 1890 — it’s possible that the birth year for Axel is incorrect. Another possibility is that Axel was born out of wedlock.

The couple came to the U.S. in 1889 according to the records of Maria Lutheran Church in in Kennedy, Kittson, Minnesota. The U.S. Census of June 1905 stated that Ellen Pearson had resided in Minnesota for 17 years and 2 months. This would calculate to immigration in April 1888. At that time Ellen Pearson was 29 years old. It was said that Isaak Pearson was a stablemaster to the King of Sweden. The Pearsons spent some time in Omaha, Nebraska before moving to Minnesota.

Their children:

  • Axel George Pearson was born January 1, 1886 in Sweden and died January 13, 1963 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota. He was married to Laura Alida Sundquist who was born May 17, 1892 in Michigan and died April 30, 1967 in Hennepin County, Minnesota. She was the daughter of John P. Sundquist and Augusta Amelia Nelson. They had a son, George Lyman Pearson (1918-2006) who married in 1962 to Katherine Annabelle Brackin (1924-2016). George was a WWII Army vet.
  • Anna Ingeborg Pearson was born March 4, 1890 at Kennedy, Kittson, Minnesota and died January 1967 at Duluth, St. Louis, Minnesota. She married William S. Johnston on November 21, 1914. They had three children: Grace Elvira (1909-1989) m. Harry Warren Spence), Irene Mildred (1912-1998) (never married), and Clifford Martin (1915-?).
  • Walter Charles Pearson (Carl Walter) was born August 26, 1893 in Kennedy, Kittson, Minnesota and died June 29, 1963 in Hennepin County, Minnesota. Never married.
  • Laura Ellen Pearson was born April 4, 1894 in Donaldson, Kittson, Minnesota and died January 9, 1978 in Clarksville, Howard, Maryland. She was married to William M. Halvorseth (1897-1971) and had no children.
  • Hannah “Stella” Pearson was born August 24, 1898 at Donaldson, Kittson, Minnesota and died August 19,1992 in Anoka, Anoka, Minnesota. She married November 3, 1921 in St. Cloud, Stearns, Minnesota to George A. Duclos. (See more about this family above.) Pictures of Stella below.
Walter C. Pearson Obituary
Laura Ellen Pearson


Some earlier generations information was pulled from geneanet.org. The owner of that information is John Duclos.

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