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Martin Family

There are two Martin family lines that converge through marriage though they are not related to each other. Because of this, I am starting out with the first branch and then will follow with the second branch.

Bartholomew Martin

Little is known about our first known ancestor on this branch. Bartholomew Martin was born about 1660 in either France or Canada and died in 1712 according to a query in the Newport Mercury (Newport, Rhode Island) newspaper. I believe there is a possible French Fur Trading connection here. He was a blacksmith. He married Sarah Langley who was born in 1660-16621 most likely in England. They had the following children:

  • William H. Martin, Sr. born about 1684, died in May of 1747 in Newport, Newport, Rhode Island. He married Hannah Pierce (1680-1736) November 3, 1709 in Swansea Bristol Massachusetts2. There were at least three children: Sarah Martin (1712-?), William Martin, Jr. (1715-1791), and Hannah Martin (1717-1762).
  • Bethia Martin was born about 1694.
  • George Martin was born about 1697.
  • Jonathan Martin was born about 1699.

William Martin, Jr. was born April 27, 1715 in Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island3 and died November 1, 1791 in Glocester, Providence, Rhode Island. His will was proved November 14, 1791 in Glocester. He was a blacksmith also. He served in the Old French & Indian War in the 1761 campaign4. He married Jemima Martin (see second Martin Family history below.) They had nine children:

  • Ebenezer Martin, III (1738-1812)
  • Levi Martin was born January 19, 1940 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts.. His spouse was named Naomi.
  • William Martin, III was born December 31, 1741 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts. and died September 6, 1794 in Rensselaer, New York, New York. He married Jemima Brumaghim.
  • Theba Martin was born in 1743. She married a Bowen.
  • David Martin was born February 16, 1744 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts. and died in 1791. He married Elizabeth Dean.
  • Jemima Martin was born March 13, 1746 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts and died in 1780 in Glocester, Providence, Rhode Island. She married Stephen Paine, Jr.
  • James Martin was born December 27, 1747 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts and died November 14, 1791 (findagrave.com memorial #27331386 shows his death date as September 1, 1771. Since he is buried in the James Martin Lot in Rhode Island, along with William and Jemima it is likely that this is the same James. The Rhode Island, U.S., Historical Cemetery Commisson Index, 1647-2008 shows his birth year as 1748 and a death date of September 1, 1777. I believe their source is an SAR registration. It shows that he was in the Conn. Line, Battalion of Mounted Infantry. Also, my birth date for this James is per Rehoboth, Massachusetts Vital Records5&6 which show his parents as William and Jemima. I find it interesting that though this James was born in Massachusetts, he was buried in Rhode Island.)
  • Hannah Martin was born October 23, 1750.
  • Sarah Martin was born May 15, 1756 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts and died in 1832 in La Porte, La Porte, Indiana. She married Rev. Martin Baker (1783-1848.).

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Edward Martyn

Edward Martyn was probably born in England. He married on June 14 1632 in Bicton, Devonshire, England to Judith Upham. She was born in 1621 in Bicton, Devonshire, England and died in England. Her father was Richard Uppom who died about 1635 and his wife, Marie who died about 1634.

Edward and Judith Martyn had at least two children: Edward Martyn and John Martin, Sr.

John Martin, Sr. was born February 16, 1635 in Ottery St. Mary, East Devon District, Devon, England and died March 21, 1713 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts. He was buried in Barrington, Bristol, Rhode Island. He married April 26, 1671 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts to Johanna Esten. Johanna was born June 1, 1645 in Welch, Hereford, England to Thomas and Ann Esten. Thomas was born July 1, 1612 in Welch, Herefordshire, England and died April 23, 1691 in Providence, Rhode Island. Joanna Esten died March 23, 1733 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts.

John and Joanna Martin had the following children:

  • Melatiah Martin born April 30, 1673 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts and died January 30, 1761 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts. He married Rebecca Brooks on November 6, 1695 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts. Rebecca was born August 5, 1679 in Billerica, Middlesex, Massachusetts to Timothy Brooks and Mary Russell. She died July 18, 1739 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts. Malatiah was ordained Deacon of the Second Baptist Church in Swansea, on October 10, 1715. Malatiah’s second wife was Jemima Wright and they married April 11, 1774 in Ordained Deacon of the Second Baptist Church in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts.
  • Ephraim Martin was born February 7, 1676 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts and died June 25, 1734 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts. He married Thankful Bullock (1681-1762).
  • Ann Martin was born November 14, 1678 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts and died November 15, 1759 in Attleboro, Bristol, Massachusetts. She married Richard Round (1678-1762).
  • Manassah Martin was born February 2, 1681 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts and died March 20, 1754 in Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island.
  • Ebenezer Martin was born February 16, 1684 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts and died September 11, 1727 in Barrington, Bristol, Rhode Island. He married Abigail Wheeler on November 29, 1716 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts. Abigail was born in 1686 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts and died January 1733 in Barrington, Bristol, Rhode Island.

Ebenezer Martin and Abigail Wheeler had the following children:

  • Jemima Martin was born December 23, 1717 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts and died April 24, 1780 in Glocester, Providence, Rhode Island. (This is our double Martin marriage.) See William Martin family above.
  • John Martin was born in 1718 in Barrington, Bristol, Massachusetts and died December 28, 1801 in Barrington, Bristol, Rhode Island. His wife’s name was Molly.
  • Ebenezer Martin was born in 1721 in Barrington, Bristol, Massachusetts and died October 21, 1769 in Barrington, Bristol, Massachusetts. He married Mary Bowen on May 22, 1748 in Warren, Rhode Island. She was born in 1727 in Rhode Island and died December 18, 1805.
  • Colonel Nathaniel Martin was born January 1723 in Barrington, Bristol, Massachusetts and died January 15, 1806 in Barrington, Bristol, Massachusetts. He married Susanna Kent in 1751.
  • Abigail Martin was born in 1725 in Barrington, Bristol, Massachusetts and died in 1814 in Dorchester, Westmoreland, New Brunswick, Canada. She was married first in 1747 to William Easterbrooks (1724-1752). She married Jonathan Cole, Jr. (1726-1813).

Allied Families


William Hawkins married Margaret and they had at least one son: John Hawkins who died in 1726. John married Sarah Clarke. Her father was Weston Clarke.

John and Sarah were the parents of Elizabeth who married Joseph Smith above. She was born between 1675-1682 in Providence, Rhode Island and died before 1729.


Rev. William Wickenden was born in 1614 in Oxford, England and died February 23, 1670 in Providence, Rhode Island. He was the second pastor of the first Baptist Church in America. He married twice–his first wife was Marie Dendy born about 1614 in England. He married to his second wife Eleanor Sherringham (filed intentions December 23, 1663.)

William and Marie had three children:

Ruth Wickenden who as born in 1636 and died January 16, 1670. She married Thomas Smith who also died on January 16, 1670. They both died in the Pawtuxet River.

Hannah Wickenden was born in 1638 in Newport, Newport, Rhode Island and died in 1705. She married John Steere (1634-1724).

Plain Wickenden was born about 1650 in Newport, Newport, Rhode Island and died August 27, 1727. She married in 1671 to Captain Samuel Wilkinson1. Samuel was born March 2, 1654 and died August 27, 1727 in Rhode Island.


1Colonial and Revolutionary families of Pennsylvania : genealogical and personal memoirs. New York: Lewis Pub. Co., 1911.



SEEKING INFORMATION LEADING TO THE PARENTS OF JESSE MARTIN, b. either 1 Dec 1779 or 1 Dec 1781 near Rutland, Bennington, Vermont, married Sarah (surname believed to be Williams).  Found in 1810 1820 and 1830 censuses in Verona, Oneida, New York where he purchased land in 1813.  Moved to Watertown, Washington, Ohio by 1837.  Found there in 1840 and 1850 censuses.  He died there 20 Sep 1859.  Four known children: Esther b 1809 (m. Jonathan Gray), George Armstrong, b. 1816 Oneida, New York (m. 1846 Betsey Heath) d. 1863; Hiram, b. 1819 Verona, Oneida, New York (m. 1840 Caroline Woodruff) d. 1888 in Watertown, Washington, Ohio, and Phoebe b. 1828 in New York (m. Ebenezer Carpenter in 1850), d. 1889 in Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois.  Jesse’s wife Sarah said to have been b. 9 May 1776 in Providence Rhode Island, died likely between 1860-1870 in or near Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois.  Last found in home of daughter Phoebe in 1860 census.  Per 1820 and 1830 census data, Jesse and Sarah had two other daughters b. between 1811 and 1820.  All leads appreciated.  Write to Betty Gillespie Pollack.

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