Interestingly, there was not a general category for meats, so I added this page as a catch all. Our culture has changed so much that we now base our meals around meats. But definitely look outside the box when searching for recipes with meats. For instance, try vegetables for meat/vegetable combinations. Or try soups, sandwiches, and even toast.


In the 1938 Cole Porter song, “My Heart Belongs to Daddy” — sang by the beautiful and talented Mary Martin — one of the lines is “If I invite a boy some night, To dine on my fine Finnan Haddie…”. I thought she was singing “my fine Finland Haddie” thinking it was Haddock, of course. I was partially right but I couldn’t be more wrong about the source of that Haddock! It’s actually a Scottish dish also called Finnan Haddock or Findrum Speldings. It is cold-smoked with green wood and peat. It is mentioned in a couple songs, according to Wikipedia, and in the song mentioned above it has a double meaning (naughty!).

For those of you with a Scandinavian heritage, I’m sure you’ll find the herring recipes particularly interesting.

Check Salads for salmon salads and also Croquettes

Grades of Canned Salmon


There was not a specific category for poultry in the recipe box, so I have tried to collect a few from other sections. Be sure to search on “chicken” when looking for specific recipes.

Chicken a la King
Chicken Fillers
Chicken or Ham Timbals
Chicken Timbals
Ham Timbales
Squabs on Toast


Planking – grilling a fish on a wooden plank
Poulette – egg yolk added
Klopps – German meatballs
Epicurean style – fond of luxury and sensuous pleasure, esp. that of eating and drinking
Fricassee – a dish consisting of meat cut into pieces, stewed or fried, and served in a sauce of its own gravy
Doddle – easy to do
Hachee – a Dutch stew

Miscellaneous Tips

A Kentucky Dish
Meat Pie
Minerals found in meats
Meat and Fish Sauces
Meat for Children

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