My favorite category! Desserts feature so strongly in our traditions and memories.

Okay, another interesting term that needs to be explained. What the heck is mange! A dessert that sounds like a mite doesn’t sound very good. However, try to think French. This dessert is sweet and thick with cream and sugar.

I just recently added the pie section. I hope you will try a recipe or two out and let me know how it turned out.


Cakes can be so delightfully delicious when done correctly. We’ve all had that memorable cake that just melts in your mouth. Harder to come by these days. Cake flour is supposed to make a difference. This page will contain everything under the cake section of the recipe box, of course, but it will also have some cakes found elsewhere in the box. So be sure to check out the Bakery page.


I had never heard of “Pie Plant” so I looked it up and it turns out that it is a nickname for rhubarb. Here is a good website that gives a little history of the pie plant.

Pie Crust


Important Little Things About Pie Making
Suggestions on Pie Making

Pudding and Pudding Sauces

Custards, molds, puddings, whips, tapiocas, and mousses. Some of these concoctions have unusual ingredients like suet and peas, but most are sweet.

Delicious sauces to accompany your fine puddings (and ice cream too!)


When I think of shortcake, I think of it as a dessert and really just something to top with fruit and whipping cream. Now here comes a recipe for vegetable shortcakes. They are basically made the same way but you fill them with things like asparagus and eggs. Wow.

Candies can be found on their own page since they aren’t exactly dessert, right? Also, check out fruits, breads and nuts for more options.

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