John Olin, I

John Olin the first to come to this country was born about 1664 and settled in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. He married Susannah Spencer October 4, 1708. Susannah was born April 6, 1680, in Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. John died March 28, 1742 in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. (Contrary to C.C. Olin’s book, this date is taken from the probate record) Both John and Susannah lived out their lives in the home of their daughter Eleanor.

There are many accounts supposing John’s origins. I suggest you check out my origins page to read the research done around this subject.

John Olin was a “tiller of the soil” and he selected his home near the headwaters of the beautiful Narragansett, and in sight of its surrounding groves and pleasant prospects he lived and reared his family. Below are their children:

Joseph Olin

Joseph was born August 29, 1710 in East Greenwich, Kent County, Rhode Island and died October 30, 1760 in Scituate, Providence, Rhode Island. The Olins moved to North Kingstown in 1726 where Joseph was granted his Yeoman status in 1734 by the Rhode Island General Assembly. His name has been listed as Olden and Olin. While attending his brother John’s wedding to Susannah Pierce he met his future wife, Mary Aylesworth and they were married May 18, 1735. Their children all born in Exeter, Rhode Island:

  • Rahanna/Ruhanna Olin was born March 8, 1736
  • Elizabeth Olin was born June 2, 1737
  • Mary Olin was born January 10, 1738
  • Joseph Olin was born February 27, 1740
  • Philip Olin was born December 5, 1742
  • Wealthiam Olin was born January 27, 1744
  • William Olin was born November 13, 1747
  • Ruth Olin was born August 5, 1750
  • Anne Olin was born July 30, 1752
  • Sarah Olin was born March 31, 1756

Above birth years taken from: Book 1 of Exeter, Rhode Island Births on page 213 of a listing of the children of Joseph and Mary, and East Greenwich Births Vol I page 98.

Joseph and Mary purchased a farm on 22 March 1756 without going into debt. That land transaction was recorded on Volume 6 pages 399 and 400 of the Exeter Land Records.

For more information on this family, contact Joseph Olin’s descendant Tom Olin or look at the Olin Family Society web page: Olin Family Society

For more information on the Aylesworth family, please check out the Aylesworth Family Website.

See a graphic showing the connection between these Olin descendants and Abraham Lincoln.

Henry Olin

Henry was born about 1719 at East Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island and died 1812 /23? at East Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island. Henry was married four times and his descendancy has been a challenge.

Wives of Henry:

Unknown wife. Their children:

  • Justin Olin born July 17, 1739 East Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island, died July 7, 1821 Leicester, Vermont. He married September 6, 1761 East Greenwich to Sarah Dwinell.
  • Mary Olin born March 15, 1742 East Greenwich, married June 6, 1760 in East Greenwich to Preserved Richardson.
  • Pelig Olin born May 20, 1746 East Greenwich, married February 5, 1769 to Phoebe Garber (Gorton) in East Greenwich.
  • Henry Olin born October 15, 1745 East Greenwich, married (1) December 9, 1770 to Sarah Comstock and (2) Louise Richardson January 17, 1790 in East Greenwich.
  • Caleb Olin born December 8, 1753 in Old Warwick, Rhode Island, married January 15, 1775 to Freelove Mitchell, died August 7, 1838 in Potsdam, New York.

Charity Vaughn 1 Sep 1754 at Exeter, Washington, Rhode Island.

Martha Remington married 17 Jun 1790 at West Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island.

Sally Aylesworth married 26 May 1810 in East Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island.

More information on this family can be found at:

John Olin, Esq.

John Olin, II was born March 8, 1711/12 in East Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island and was married to Susannah Pierce. See more on this family>>

Eleanor Olin

Eleanor (also known as Ellen) was born 1721 East Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island, buried at Peleg Colvin Lot, Scituate, Providence, Rhode Island married August 13, 1741 to Benjamin Carpenter born October 5, 1719 in East Greenwich and died 1759. Their children:

Sarah Carpenter born January 27, 1743 East Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island

Jane Carpenter born July 20, 1744 East Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island, died 1808

Elisha Carpenter born August 23, 1748 East Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island. His children:

  • Sarah Carpenter married 26 Jun 1791 to Benjamin Pierce or Price
  • Mercy Carpenter married 9 Aug 1801 to William Price

Mary Prudence Carpenter born June 11, 1751, died January 31, 1813, buried at Peleg Colvin Lot, Scituate, Providence, Rhode Island, married Peleg Colvin

Elizabeth Carpenter born March 2, 1756 in Rhode Island

Benjamin Carpenter, Jr. born October 15, 1759, died February 25, 1847, buried at Carpenter-Wightman Lot, Rhode Island Historical Cemetery 112.


Benjamin Carpenter, Sr. born October 5, 1719 East Greenwich, Rhode Island died 1759/60 East Greenwich. He was a house carpenter. He is the son of Oliver Carpenter born 1675 Pawtucket, Providence, RI, died July 24, 1727 in Kingston, Washington, Rhode Island and married 1704 to Sarah Arnold born 1681 in Newport, RI and died 1786 in Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island.

Another Carpenter website: Carpenter Cousins.


BIRTH: Vital Record of Rhode Island 1636-1850. First Series – Birth, Marriages and Deaths. By James N. Arnold (1891) – Volume 1 – Kent County: Page 107 – 1-35 Carpenter, Benjamin, of Oliver and Sarah, Oct. 5, 1719. SPOUSE: Benjamin’s spouse in the record above is listed as Ellen. See 2-116. Batch #: 7210419, Sheet #: 16, Source Call #: 820303

For such a small family the sheer magnitude of descendants is overwhelming. I did not include all of the lines for each family group as the Olin Family Society already has that information available. It’s easy to become a member and you can join as a family member or as a researcher. Also, feel free to contact me if you would like more detail.


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“Outline Chart of the Direct Ancestral Line of William Gideon Clossen from the First American Paternal Ancestor, Josiah Clossen 1655-1698/9 and Maternal Ancestor, John Olin 1664-1725” by William G. Clossen, Civil Engineer, Flushing, NY 1931 Rev. 1951

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If you are interested in other lines, please contact the Olin Family Society at Also, feel free to contact me as I have built my tree out with more detail and sources.

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