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Charles Jefferson Hendee Family

Charles Jefferson Hendee was born to Caleb Hendee, Jr. and Lydia Rich on July 1, 1805 in Pittsford, Rutland, Vermont and died August 1, 1872 in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts. The Massachusetts death records show that he is buried in West Roxbury, though no grave has been found. There is a memorial on findagrave.com that shows him buried in Forest Hills Cemetery and Crematory in Jamaica Plain, Suffolk, Massachusetts. I have seen no proof of this thus far. It would make sense as that is where his wife Adaline is buried.

Charles fathered a son, Samuel W. Hendee and nothing is known about the mother. I suspect that perhaps Charles J. may have traveled to France and perhaps married and lost his wife young, or even fathered Samuel illegitimately. The French aspect of Samuel’s origins runs so strongly in the family albeit misguided. Samuel W. Hendee is my ancestor and so I am keen on finding out the truth. DNA results have proven that we are very definitely Hendee descendants so that is not the issue. I’d like to know the maternal line. It’s possible that Samuel’s middle initial stands for Warner. He named one of his sons Samuel Warner. Also, there is a Samuel Warner in Pittsford, Vermont who is about the right age to be Samuel’s grandfather and has a couple daughters who are the right age. I am going to follow that lead for awhile and see if there is any connection. Charles and unknown wife’s child:

Samuel W. (Warner?) Hendee

Samuel was born on May 10, 1822. His Civil War Draft Registration says he was born in Connecticut and was 43 in 1865 which puts his birth year at 1825. His father was Charles Jefferson Hendee and his mother died before 1836 as Charles remarried. Samuel was a carpenter, house painter, and plasterer. The family oral history states that he died at about 35 years of age which would make his death year about 1857/8. However, the Civil War Draft shows him as 43 in 1865. So, I’m thinking maybe he died at 45. They said that he died in Massachusetts as the result of a fall from scaffolding while painting a house. It doesn’t make sense that he was in Massachusetts unless he was possibly visiting his father. Samuel and Mary and their family were living in Ohio. His daughter, Emily, remembered that when he died that he had a Mason’s funeral with the black horses with plumes, etc.

Samuel married May 1, 1848 in Champaign County, Ohio to Mary Eliza Matthews who was born May 9, 1829 in Ohio and died after 1881 in Ottawa, La Salle, Illinois.

I was told that Mary came from a substantial family back east. She and Samuel had a large family, the youngest being only two years old when her father died. Mary Eliza Matthews Hendee had been taught to sew, embroider and play the melodeon. She was not brought up to do housework and cooking. Her husband and daughters did most of the work and waited on her hand and foot. (she was a close cousin to the J.P. Morgan family) There is a Morgan family that is present in Pittsford during the time that the Hendees were there. When her husband died, she was hard put to care for such a large family. She immediately contacted her cousin, a doctor named Elisha Lawlor Carlton and he arranged for them to travel by covered wagon (Conestoga) to his land in Marshalltown, Iowa.

As you will see below, Mary used family names as middle names for many of her children. When a record of Mary can be found, hopefully we will have excellent clues to her background. However, it should be noted that this practice was common in the Hendee family too.

Samuel and Mary had the following children and possibly more:

Viola Gwenanne Hendee

Viola “Min” was born about 1853 in Ohio, married young to Rodman P. Jerome in Adams County, Illinois on January 22, 1873. The 1880 Federal Census for Illinois shows her and her family in Chenoa, McLean, Illinois and curiously lists her father’s birthplace as Canada. She and Rodman had at least two children, Franklin (born 1874) and Maud (born 1876) and lived in St. Louis and maybe in New York at the time of Maud’s birth.

Samuel Warner Merton Hendee

Samuel was born September 4, 1854 in Lewisburg, Preble, Ohio and died October 29, 1933 in Kansas City, Wyandotte, Kansas.

Samuel was married on April 14, 1877 in Pella, Marion, Iowa to Sarah E. Sell (1956-1925). Their children:

  • Vernon C. Hendee married Stella Gerby September 10, 1949 in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri.
  • William Allen Hendee born August 5, 1902 in Kansas City, Wyandotte, Kansas and died November 1953 in Madison, Missouri. He married Vela Gay Marcum (1902-1990). Velva also married Woodrow Wilson West in 1949.
  • Edward C. Hendee born September 16, 1878 Iowa and died in September 1934. He married in 1899 to Flora Busey (1883-1911). They had one child: Edna M. Hendee born 1899. He married September to August M. “Gussie” Brewer (1879-1961). They had three children. She was previously married to James R. Green and had 9 children.
  • Ora Viola Hendee was born September 2, 1881 in Knoxville, Marion, Iowa and died April 13, 1947 in Clay, Adair, Missouri. She married Christopher Litchfield West, Sr. (1876-1977) and they had two sons.

Because of Samuel’s middle name, Warner, I believe that his unknown grandmother may have been a Warner.

John Edgar Benson Hendee

John was born 1856 Prebble, Ohio. He was married May 30, 1874 in Charlton, Lucas, Iowa to Gurtie Van Rutzler (she was born in Holland). (United States Census, 1900, Delaware Township, Albany Town, Delaware Cty, IN). In the 1880 Census it shows his father as being born in Connecticut. The family lived in Indiana. They had the following children:

  • Walter born January 1879 in Illinois
  • Hazel M. Hendee born February 1890 in Illinois
  • Aldro Hendee born September 1891 in Illinois
  • John E. Hendee born September 1894 in Illinois.
Charles Homer (or Omar) Dunham Hendee

Charles was born 1862 in Ohio, died June 18, 1927 in Colfax, Jasper, Iowa. He married November 3, 1884 in Knoxville, Marlon, Iowa to May (Minerva May) Thompson, daughter of George M. Thompson and C. Nevil (or Euzeba Adams). She was born in 1869, and died in 1927. Charles is shown as being married to Minerva M. Hendee. She is listed in the United States Census, 1910. She would have only been 16 when Frank was born. His marriage record also shows that his parents were Samuel N. Hendee and Mary E. Mathews. His death records show that his father was William Hendee and mother was Liza Matthews. Their children (all born in Iowa):

  • Bernard Hendee born January 2, 1880 in Chenoa, McLean, Illinois.
  • Frank W. Hendee born about 1885
  • George W. Hendee born May 26,1886 in Marion Cty, Iowa.
  • Alma Etta born November 6, 1888 in Flagler, Marion Cty, Iowa, married Joseph Laus (Law) on November 26, 1903 in Jasper Cty, Iowa. They had a daughter, Garnet May Laus.
  • Samuel W. Hendee born about 1891 in Mound Prairie, Jasper Cty, Iowa, Vera Hendee born about 1893 and married March 31, 1909 in Suvins, Jasper, Iowa, to Charles Beckham, son of Ben Beckham and Anna Sage. Their children: Jane F. Beckham born July 31, 1913 in Colfax, Jasper Cty, Iowa, Elaine Mae Beckham born December 6, 1915 in Md Prairie, Jasper Cty, Iowa, June Beckham born about 1910, married Bennie P. Cloyd on January 17, 1929.
  • Charles Lester Hendee born December 23, 1895 in Marion, Iowa, died June 11, 1918 in Norwood Park, Cook Cty, Illinois. He married Alice M. Gard on January 19, 1917 in Chicago, Illinois. He was a WWI vet.
  • Clyde Hendee born about 1897
  • John Edward Hendee (may have gone by Edward) born about 1899 and married February 21, 1920 in Montezuma, Iowa to Gertrude Sykes born about 1901 in Oxford Mills, Iowa. Her parents were Fred Sykes and Ida Belle Winters. Their children:
  • Minerva M. Hendee born about 1902 (may have gone by Vera)
  • Maebelle Hendee born about 1904
  • John M. Hendee born about 1906 (odd that they named two sons John)
  • Louise Hendee born about 1908 married June 7, 1924 in Lucas, Iowa, to George Stevenson son of Robert C. and Marguerite McDowell Stevenson.
  • Oral J. Hendee born about 1910 married Isebele W. and had a son, Donald L. Hendee born about 1936 in Iowa. (United States Census, 1940)

This family is confusing. The 1900 census shows the following children in this order: Frank, Geo, Alma, Samuel, Vera, Lester, Clyde, and Edward. This makes me think that some of those children died young or were loaned out to other family farms. There is a Samuel R. Hendee born August 16, 1890 in Flagler, Marion, Iowa with the same parents listed. Another Sam Roy Hendee was born August 16, 1892 in Flager according to the WWI draft registration.

Alma Elizabeth Hendee

Alma was born in April of 1862 in Mechanicsburg, Champaign, Ohio and died May 1911 in Grant, Indiana.

She married on May 13, 1875 in Douglas, Nebraska to Walter Southgate (c. 1860-1900). They had the following children:

  • Walter Samuel Southgate, Jr. was born September 1, 1877 in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri and died November 9, 1945 in Marion, Grant, Indiana. He married Mae
  • Gracie Southgate born January 27, 1880 in Chicago, Illinois.
  • William Henry Southgate
  • Joseph K. Southgate married October 3, 1910 in Marion, Indiana to Allie May Monroe (parents: Harry J. Monroe and Emma J. Boyer)
  • David Clinton Southgate

Alma and Walter were divorced and on July 19, 1899 in Grant, Indiana she married David Turner (1859-). They had one son:

  • Norton Turner born in September 1890 in Indiana.

Alma Photograph courtesy of Mary Fobian.

Emily Morgan Hendee

Emma was born October 11, 1863 in Mechanicsburg, Ohio and died February 12, 1942 Prophetstown, Whiteside, Illinois. See more about Emily’s family>>>

Mary Francis Hendee

Mary was born February 9, 1866 in Springfield, Clark, Ohio and died July 21, 1951 in Waushara County, Wisconsin.

She married John F. Gallagher (1857-1940). Their children:

  • Lucy Gallagher was born January 7, 1886 in Waupaca, Waupaca, Wisconsin and died February 1, 1886 same place.
  • George M. Gallagher was born December 26, 1886 in Wisconsin and died October 9, 1915 in Wausau, Marathon, Wisconsin.
  • Winifred Marie Gallagher was born February 27, 1889 in Waupaca City, Waupaca, Wisconsin and died February 5, 1978 in Berlin, Marathon, Wisconsin. She married November 4, 1944 in Wautoma, Washara, Wisconsin to Clarence H. Martin (1899-1983).
  • Francis John Gallagher was born February 8, 1891 in Waupaca, Waupaca, Wisconsin and died April 13, 1967 in El Monte, Los Angeles, California. He married Ruby Buel.
  • Donald William Gallagher was born September 23, 1893 in Waupaca, Wisconsin and died January 20, 1983 in Park Ridge, Cook, Illinois. He married June 4, 1921 in Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois to Florine Alice Carson (1898-1959). Married Ruth Perdue.
  • Harold Paul Gallagher was born September 28, 1895 in Waupaca County, Wisconsin and died September 17, 1976 in Cook County, Illinois.
Jennie Dunham Hendee

Nothing known.

Edward Hendee

Nothing known.

Belle Adeline Hendee

Nothing known

Additional children according to 1880 Illinois Census:

Alice May Hendee was born about 1870 married 1/19/1888 in Champaign, Illinois to George Franke Strode. (This would put Samuel’s death date after 1870)

Remembrances from Emily Morgan Hendee

Emma remembered receiving boxes of clothing at Christmas and gifts. One gift she received was a red glass ring which was too large for her finger and she dropped it through a crack in the floor. As I study this family I find more and more inconsistencies. For instance, there are children born after 1868 and in Illinois!

At some point, the family moved on to Tama, Iowa. It was here that the brothers played the banjo and sang, hunted, and fished. They had a tame crow that stole everything out of her mother’s sewing basket; her thimble or anything bright such as buttons, etc. They lived on the side of Tama so that when they were going to Sunday School at the Baptist Church they would meet the Indians from the reservation. One in particular “Indian John” frightened them so that Emma and Mary would hide in a large culvert until he went by.

In Ohio, they caught crawfish and clams in the creek in Ohio and cooked them. At night they hunted coon and possum with their hound dogs, Sage and Smoke. Emma’s sister “Min” (Viola Gwenanne) married very young and lived in St. Louis. Emma went to live with her the summer she was eleven and said it was the hottest place in the world.

Mary let her two daughters, Adeline and Mary Frances go to live with other people and Emma went to live part-time with a woman who lived in a sod shanty. The woman’s husband was away most of the time working where they were putting through the railroad. In this sod shanty built in the side of the hill there was one room and one bed. These people only owned one cow and one morning the woman had been out milking and Emma wasn’t up yet and when she came in she told Emma to put the quilt over her head and keep still and the lady took a shotgun and shot a blacksnake off of a rafter and it fell directly on the bed and Emma! She remembered that at night the water in the water bucket would freeze.

For Easter there was never any thought about dressing up. They wore what they had. They tried to have chicken or eggs and flowers of some kind if they could, but they basically just went to church in the morning and after dinner to Sunday School and again to church in the evening. The same on Thanksgiving.

Emma remembered that they used to wear petticoats made of two layers of materials of cotton in between and quilted. Thinner down to the hips and then two or maybe 3 layers down to their ankles. No one cared about their size in those days. They also used to wear panties (probably bloomers) down below their knees. It would look funny to see a woman with panties that long now, wouldn’t it? Emma remembered her first pair of underwear that her sister Adi made out of cotton flannel and shaped to fit her body. She wore her panties over it and her shoes came way up above her ankles. When she was 14 her dresses came to her shoe tops and when 18 her dress touched the floor. It looked terrible if a woman’s dress was short enough to show any of her shoes.

Emma spoke of a Mrs. Wheeler who used to spin and weave all of the material for her family’s clothes. Here are her remembrances:

Wheeler Family

Little Emily Morgan Hendee was sent out to live with old Mrs. Wheeler when she was a young girl of 10 or 11 years old. Her mother was widowed and could not handle 11 children. She was greatly impressed with the self-sufficiency of the Wheelers and shared these memories of her life with them. I imagine they lived in or near Tama, Iowa.

Old Mrs. Wheeler used to spin and weave all of the material for her family’s clothes. She had 7 boys, 1 two-year-old girl, herself and her husband and her loom was always clacking. She taught Emma how to weave and knit. She made Emma knit a pair of wool stockings but she could never wear the wool unless she wore underwear as it made the back of her knees sore.

The Wheelers raised all their own sheep and sheared them, taking the wool to Augusta where it was carded into hanks about 15 to 18 inches long and about as thick as thick as your middle finger. She would then put one on the spindle then take what she called her wheel boy, it was like a clothes pin without any hole in it and she’d start her wheel a going and that started the rest of it. Then she would draft out the wool with great experience. She would then rewind the wheel and that wound it up on her spindle and then she already had it on and she’d keep on the one piece, would make about three windings then she’d take another piece and splice it on. She kept on until she got a spindle full. She wove lindsey woolsey for herself, it was blue and white and very warm. She made Emma a jacket of it for helping her out. She averaged three dresses a year for herself.

The men wore blue jeans and she worked summer and winter on them. The men had one coat, vest and 2 pair of pants for good each year which they wore the year round. The old ones left over from other years were used for every day work clothes. She didn’t put in her time on the house, she didn’t have much in her house. It was plain and it didn’t take her long to go through it. It was clean just the same. She had a place out in a shed where she wove blankets and they were warm. You didn’t need much over you.

Besides raising their own sheep, they also raised chickens, ducks, geese, pigs and cows. They made their own butter from the cow’s cream. They butchered their own meat and had lard from the pigs. Their wheat they took to the mill and had ground for flour. They raised their own buckwheat for buckwheat pancakes and made their own maple syrup and sugar. They didn’t have white sugar very often in those days. They had brown and everything they ate, she baked herself. In the fall, she made pumpkin and apple butters enough to last all winter. She dried peaches, blackberries, apples, raspberries and hack berries. Everything she could get a hold of she dried, she even dried cherries to use like we use raisins. The berries were hung from the roof on string or cord or laid on the roof to dry. They bought only salt and a little coffee. They drank lots of sassafras tea, which they went out and gathered themselves. They were Pennsylvania Dutch people.

Mathews Family

Mary Eliza Mathews was listed as a direct heir (along with other children/grandchildren) of John Owens who died in Ohio. Elisha Carlton’s wife was Elizabeth “Eliza” Alice Owens. She was either a daughter or granddaughter of this John Owens. Other family names mentioned as heirs: Dye, Wren, Willoughby, Reed, Williams, Bates, Carter, Jones, Hull, Sprague, Baker, Cheney, Rodebaugh, Lawler, Randall, Mathis, Bowen, Legge, Carr, Tarpinning, Allen, and Wood. Samuel and Mary Eliza were both mentioned in court records over a land dispute with all of these aunts, uncles, and cousins. This was filed in 1854 and states that the Hendees were living in Champaign County, Ohio.

Additional information from a Hendee descendant:

Now that I think of it, it’s possible that two different Olive Gallaghers are being confused. As far as I know, Olive Mae Gallagher lived in Beloit, Wisconsin before being married to Charles Edwin Hendee. Also, if you follow up on the Pittsford, Vermont Hendees, you’ll notice that Caleb, Sr. is referred to as Deacon Caleb Hendee. He was one of the founders of a Baptist church in Pittsford. He also has an interesting connection to the Revolutionary War, because a fort was built on his property during the war to defend against the British and their Indian allies. His son Caleb became a General in the Vermont Militia, and is often referred to as General Caleb Hendee. The History of Pittsford volume contains some interesting anecdotes about these and other Hendees.

Please let me know if you’re interested in further information. I live in Wheaton, Illinois and have done some research in Beloit and in Newark, the township just west of Beloit where several of the Pittsford Hendees had settled by 1850. Randal Hendee

The “History of the Town of Pittsford, OT(VT), with biographical sketches and family records”, by A.M. Caverly, M.D. This book is free to view online. General Caleb Hendee wrote a good deal of the history in that book.

Charles Jefferson Hendee married August 30, 1836 to Adeline Davis in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts. Adeline was born July 30, 1815 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts and died November 30, 1860 in Roxbury. She was the daughter of Charles Davis and Harriet Fellowes. It was said that Charles’ second wife, Adeline, brought a son to their marriage and she quickly changed his name to Charles Davis Hendee in case there were lands or money to be inherited. I’m not sure if this is true, partly because records are showing that this son, Charles Davis Hendee was born in 1837. I suppose the birth date could have been changed. But also, Charles Jefferson Hendee was quite wealthy on his own accord and too many generations removed from France to inherit money or land from there. She may have wanted her son to be in line to inherit Charles’s money. His son Samuel was incensed and this family story and the resentment it caused would linger through a couple generations! There may be some truth to it but we’ll probably never know. Ironically, Charles outlived both Adeline and Charles Davis. Adeline was ten years younger than Charles but this was a very good marriage for Charles as she came from an excellent family line and he was a well-respected businessman in Massachusetts. Charles’s children by Adaline Davis:

Charles Davis Hendee

Charles was born June 8, 1837 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts and died October 27, 1860 in Norfolk, Massachusetts, never married.

Rear Admiral George Ellsworth Hendee

George was born June 30, 1841 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts. Educated Public and Private schools. Lived in Brookline, Norfolk, Massachusetts, after his retirement until his death on September 10, 1915. [Who’s Who in America 1897-1942]

George’s military service was as such: Paymaster’s clerk, October 1861, to December, 1862, and from August, 1863, to February, 1864; acting assistant paymaster, 25 March, 1864; passed assistant paymaster, 23 July, 1866; paymaster, 27 February, 1869. George brought an appeal before the U.S. court.

Mary Adaline Hendee

Mary was born July 3, 1843 Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts and died May 1919 Summit, Union, New Jersey. She married Thomas Tileston.

Harriet Fellowes Hendee

Harriet was born about 1846 in Massachusetts and died February 21, 1873 in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts. She married on June 14, 1865 to William Henry Bent (1839-1921).

William Henry Bent lived in Taunton, Mass and worked for the Mason Machine Works. In 1888, he was a delegate to the Republican National Convention in Chicago; and in 1893 and 1894, president of the Home Market Club of Massachusetts; in February, 1899, he was one of a committee of the latter organization delegated to met President McKinley and part on the occasion of their visit to Boston. Mr. Bent was warden of St. Thomas’s Church and a frequent member of diocesan conventions.

Their children:

Arthur Cleveland Bent

Arthur was born November 25, 1866 in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts and died December 30, 1954 same place.

He married first to Madeleine Vincent Godfrey (1888-1974) and had three children: Harriet F. Bent (1916-2005) married H. Sheldon Smith (1909-2011), Margaret, and Helen. He married second to Rosalba Peale Smith. He graduated from Harvard College in 1889.

While the “father” of American ornithology would certainly be John James Audubon, born 235 years ago today, Taunton also claims one of the giants in that field. Arthur Cleveland Bent was born in this city in 1866, just 15 years after Audubon’s death in Manhattan. He was a graduate of Bristol Academy (now the home of the OCHM) and Harvard College. Sickly as a boy, Bent’s father encouraged him to appreciate nature, so even while preparing himself for a career in business, Bent entered into a
lifelong study of birds.

In 1891, Bent traveled to North Dakota on his first long distance bird collecting trip. In succeeding years he visited the east coast of Florida and the Florida Keys. Later expeditions took him from Labrador and Nova Scotia across the continent and beyond, to the Aleutian Islands. So extensive were his travels that he was made an honorary life member of the Explorers Club of New York.

In 1910, scientists at the Smithsonian Institution asked Bent to undertake what would become the great project of his life. This was the 21-volume study entitled “Life Histories of North American Birds.” The first volume was published in 1919, and the last in 1968, which was 14 years after his death. This monumental work brought him worldwide acclaim and a reputation that earns him a place alongside Audubon as one of America’s foremost ornithologists.

In addition to his many scientific and business activities, Mr. Bent was both a church and civic leader in Taunton. A devoted member of St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Taunton, MA, he was likewise a member of the city’s board of aldermen as well as one of its first municipal councilmen. An avid golfer, he was the founder and first president of the Segregansett Country Club.

Mr. Bent died at age 88, on December 30, 1954 and is buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. Like Audubon before him, wherever zoologists take up the serious study of North American birds, Mr. Bent’s work precedes them.
Courtesy of: Old Colony History Museum, Taunton, MA

Frederick Hendee Bent

He graduated from Harvard College in 1889. He died at age 23 from a sudden hemorrhage.

Frederick was born February 16, 1869 in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts and died January 14, 1897 in same place.

Charles Bent

Charles was born January 24, 1873 in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts and died July 30, 1873 in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts.


North America, Family Histories, 1500-2000 The Bent family in America : being mainly a genealogy of the descendants of John Bent : who settled… pp. 16-17

Bent Family in America by Allen Hebert Bent, Published 1900 p.247

1900 United States Federal Census

Frederick L. Hendee

Frederick was born January 24, 1849 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts, nothing else known.

Charles chose the publishing industry for his living and at one time inhabited the Corner Bookstore in Boston with his partner. The bookstore itself is quite famous. If you type “Charles J. Hendee” into eBay or Google search, you will find a number of books with his name listed as the publisher.

Charles J. Hendee Family Timeline

July 1, 1805 — Charles Jefferson Hendee born in Pittsford, Rutland, Vermont.

July 30, 1815 — Adaline Davis born Roxbury, Massachusetts.

May 10, 1822 — Samuel W. Hendee was born in Connecticut.

1829 — Carter & Hendee Book Publishers is opened in Boston

August 30, 1836 — Charles Jefferson Hendee marries Adeline Davis in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts.

June 8, 1837 — Charles Davis Hendee is born in Roxbury, Massachusetts

June 30, 1841 — George Ellsworth Hendee (Rear Admiral) is born in Suffolk, Roxbury, Massachusetts

July 3, 1843 — Mary Adaline Hendee is born in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts.

1846 — Harriet Fellowes Hendee was born in Massachusetts

1847 — Charles Jefferson Hendee is seen as owning a Pew at the First Church in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

May 1, 1848 — Samuel W. Hendee and Mary Eliza Mathews are married in Champaign County, Ohio.

January 24, 1848/9 — Frederick L. Hendee is born in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts.

1850 U.S. Census — Samuel W. Hendee is shown as being born about 1822 in Connecticut. He is living in Mechanicsburg, Champaign, Ohio with his wife Mary E and son John B.

1850 U.S. Census — Charles Hendee is shown with Adaline, Charles, Mary, George, Harriet, and Frederick living in Roxbury, Norfolk, Massachusetts. Charles is shown as being in the printing, publishing, and allied industries.

1852 City Directory — Charles and Adeline can be found in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

1855 Massachusetts State Census — Charles Hendee is shown with Adaline, Charles, Mary, George, Harriet, and Frederick living in Roxbury, Norfolk, Massachusetts.

October 27, 1860 — Charles Davis Hendee died in Norfolk, Massachusetts.

November 30, 1860 — Adeline Davis dies in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

July 8, 1863 U.S. Civil War Draft Registration — Samuel W. Hendee is shown as 43 years old, plasterer and living in Goshen, Champaign, Ohio. This makes his birth year 1820.

June 14, 1865 — Harriet Fellowes Hendee marries William Henry Bent in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

1868 — Samuel W. Hendee died either in Massachusetts or Ohio.

April 21, 1870 — George Ellsworth Hendee married Elsius (Elsia) S. Lewis

December 14, 1871 — Mary Adaline Hendee married Thomas Tileston

August 1, 1872 — Charles Jefferson Hendee died in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts.

February 21, 1873 — Harriet Fellows Hendee Bent died in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts. She most likely died in childbirth or shortly after as her son Charles was born in 1873. Charles died July 30, 1873 in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts.

1880 U.S. Census — Mary E. Hendee, widow age 42 born in Ohio, parents born in Ohio, the following children were born in Illinois and their father’s birthplace is listed as Connecticut: John 24, George 16, Virginnia 12, and Allace 10.

September 11, 1916 — George Ellsworth Hendee dies in Pittsford, Rutland, Vermont.

May 1919 — Mary Adaline Hendee Tileston died in Summit, Union, New Jersey.


Our Family History, Genealogy of the Hendee Family

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