The Pearce/Pierce/Percy Family

This information was taken from Pearce Genealogy Being the Record of the Posterity of Richard Pearce an Early Inhabitant of Portsmouth, in Rhode Island, Who came from England, and whose Genealogy is traced back to 974 with an Introduction of the Male Descendants of Josceline De Louvaine, the Second House of Percy, Earls of Northumberland, Barons Percy and Territorial Lords of Alnwick, Warkworth and Prudhoe Castles in the County of Northumberland, England, by Col. Frederick C. Pierce, Author of Peirce History, Pierce Genealogy, etc. Member of the British Harlequin and other historical societies. 1888 Rockford, Illinois. I have also added in additional information from other sources.

From the foregoing historical sketch of the English branch of the Percies it will be seen that Peter17 Percy* was son of Ralph16 Percy; he (Peter17) was born in 1447 and his descent is as follows from the first ancestor:

Percy/Pierce/Pearce line:

















Peter17 (He was standard bearer to Richard the Third at the battle of Bosworth Field in 1485.)

Richard18 founded Pearce Hall in York, England, where he lived and died.

Richard19, Jr. resided on the homestead of his father. He had two sons Richard20, Jr., b. 1590, and William20. It was at this time that the spelling of the name in this branch was changed from Percy to Pearce.

RICHARD20 PEARCE, JR., (Richard19) b. 1590; m. in England Martha _____. He resided in Bristol, England, and came to America in the ship "Lyons" from that place. His brother, Capt. William Pearce, was master of the ship. Children:

1. i. RICHARD21

2. ii. JOHN21, b. _____; m. Mary ____, and Mrs. Rebecca Wheeler.

iii. SAMUEL, b.

iv. HANNAH, b.

v. MARTHA, b.

vi. SARAH, b.

vii. WILLIAM, b.

viii. MARY, b.

CAPT. WILLIAM20 PEARCE (Richard19), b. in Bristol, England about 1595; m. _____.He d. July 13, 1641 (Boston Town Records). Res. Bristol, England, Boston, Mass., and Providence, Bahama Island. Farmer has this: "William Peirse, the captain of the ship 'Lyon,' wrote his name Peirse; he was the author of the first almanack for 1639 published in North America. He was killed at Providence, one of the Bahama Islands, in 1641. Savage ii. Withrop Index. Prince ii., Annals 69, who erroneously regards him as a member of the Boston Church, says he was ancestor of Rev. James Pierce, a well known writer and English divine, who died in 1730."

RICHARD21 PEARCE (Richard20, Richard19,) b. 1615 in England; m. in Portsmouth, R.I., in 1642, Susannah Wright, who was born in 1620. He married, probably in 1642, Susannah, daughter of George Wright of Newport, who was probably of Salem, 1637, Newport, 1648, and who in 1649 stabbed one Walter Lettice, as John Winthrop, Jr., received a letter to this effect from Roger Williams. He died in Portsmouth in 1678 and she was deceased at that time. His will was drawn April 23, 1677, and was proved in Portsmouth Oct. 28, 1678. His son Richard was executor and he calls him his "eldest son."

Richard Pearse was at Portsmouth as early as 1654, when he was a witness to a deed of 12 acres of land and a house purchased of William James by Henry Piercy.

Jan. 14, 1657, he was a witness to a deed. June 8, 1657, he was chosen surveyor of marks of all "cattell that goe" from this town.

June 11, 1658, he was a witness to a will. May 18, 1658, he was admitted Freeman of the Colony from Portsmouth.

Nov. 16, 1666, he purchased 2 acres 7 rods of land of Jacob Cole; 1669 he purchased of Joseph Parker 14 acres of land in Portsmouth.

Children of Richard21 and Susannah Wright Pearce:

1. i RICHARD, b. Oct. 3, 1643; m. Experience ____.

2. ii. MARTHA, b. Sept. 13, 1645; m. Mahershallalhashboz Dyer of Portsmouth, born about 1643; d. 1670. He was the son of William and Catharine Dyer of England, Boston, Portsmouth and Newport. March 22, 1661, he signed certain articles relative to Westerly lands. She d. s.p. Feb. 24, 1744.

3. iii. JOHN, b. Sept. 8, 1647; m. Mary Tallman.

4. iv. GILES, b. July 22, 1651; m. Elizabeth Hall.

5. v. SUSANNAH, b. Nov. 22, 1652; m. Dec. 24, 1743. Ch.-Susanna, b. Jan.25, 1676; m. John Reed of Freetown, who was town clerk there for thirty-five years; Sarah, b. June 14, 1681; Mary, b. Dec. 8, 1683; m. William Hall; Martha, b. Feb. 18, 1686; m. Samuel Forman; Thomas, b. June 1, 1688; Joseph, b. Dec. 5, 1690, m. Ruth Cornell; he was a representative to the General Court for six years; Wait, b. Oct. 3, 1693; m. Joshua Sandford; Stephen, b. Dec. 3, 1695, m. Martha Earle. George, d. April 20, 1718, in Portsmouth. In 1699-1702 he was deputy; 1706-7-8-9-10-11 an assistant; 1708, April, he was appointed on the committee in regard to vacant lands in Narragansett. His will is proved May 12, 1718, with wife Susannah executor. His inventory was £961 5s 10d. George was the eldest son of Thomas and Ann (____) Brownell, who was in Portsmouth as early as 1647.

6. vi. MARY, b. May 6, 1654, m. 1678 Thomas Brownell, Jr., b. 1650. Ch. ___ Thomas, b. Feb. 16, 1679; John, b. Feb. 21, 1682; George, b. Jan. 19, 1685; Jeremiah, b. Oct. 10, 1689; Mary, b. Mar. 22, 1692; Charles, b. Dec. 23, 1694, d. 1694; Thomas, d. May 18, 1732. She d. May 4, 1736 in Portsmouth, R.I. Thomas Brownell, Jr., was the son of Thomas and Ann (--) Brownell of Portsmouth.

4. HON. GILES2 PEARCE (Richard21), b. July 22, 1651; m. April 1676, Elizabeth Hall, who d. 1698. She was the eldest daughter of William and Mary (--) Hall of Portsmouth. He died November 19, 1698. Res. in East Greenwich and Portsmouth, R.I.

Hon. Giles or Gyles Pearce was born in Portsmouth, R.I., the son of Richard and Susannah (Wright) Pearce; he was admitted a freeman of the colony in 1673, he being of the above town. He was one of the incorporators of the town of East Greenwich, R.I., in 1677, when he was admitted a freeman of that place. The town meeting that year being held at this house. He was moderator of the town meeting in 1685, member of the General Assembly in 1690 and 1696, and town councilman in 1677-1684, 1691 and 1696. His will was admitted to probate in East Greenwich, December 7, 1698. Giles Pearce was admitted freeman of the town of Portsmouth, April 29, 1693, and of the colony, May 6, 1673. Ear-mark recorded

Pin Portsmouth, July 5, 1673. One of the grantees of East Greenwich, May, 1677. February 20, 1678, bought of John and Susanna Tripp, one-fourth part of a purchase right in Warwick. Moderator of town meeting in East Greenwich, 1690. Town councilman of same town 1691. His will is dated November 15, 1698 and proved December 7, 1698 in East Greenwich. His first two children were born in Portsmouth, and the third in East Greenwich May 20, 1682.

His will was filed Nov. 15, 1698, and proved Dec. 7, 1898. His wife Elizabeth was executor. To her while widow, the occupation and profit of house and land and orchard being thereto till son John is of age, he then having of profits and the whole at wife's death. To eldest son Jeremiah, a house, 90 acres, etc., a pair of oxen and 3 cows. To son John, all lands in East Greenwich, undisposed of, a pair of oxen and 3 cows at age. Mentions daughters Susanna, eldest, Elizabeth and Mary.

9. JEREMIAH3 PEARCE (Giles2, Richard1), b. Jan. 22, 1678; m. ____, Abigail Long, b. June 20, 1682, d. Apr. 22, 1774. He d. April 25, 1754. Residence South Scituate, R.I. Ch. ___

17. i. GILES b. Aug. 24, 1701; m. Comfort Nichols.

18. ii. PHILLIP, b. Mar. 9, 1703; m. Frances Nichols.

iii. ELIZABETH, b. Feb. 6, 1705; m. Wm. Sweet, of E. Greenwich, R.I., July 20, 1727.

iv. SUSANNAH, b. Apr. 8, 1708; m. _______Olin.[John]

19. v. JEREMIAH, b. Feb. 18, 1711; m. Frances _______

20. vi. JOHN, b. Mar. 9, 1713; m. Elizabeth Weaver.

vii. WILLIAM, b. Aug. 18, 1716,

viii. JAMES, b. Oct. 30, 1719,

[William and James probably died before 1754 as they are not mentioned in their father's will.]

There is much more information available in the book, but I took the liberty of gleaning only that information that pertains to our direct line.

Percy/Pierce/Pearce Family Chart

Galfred Percy

William Percy

Alan Percy

William Percy

William Percy

Agnes Percy

Henry Percy

William Percy

Henry Percy

Henry Percy

Henry Percy

Henry Percy

Henry Percy

Henry Percy

Henry Percy

Ralph Percy

Peter Percy b: 1447

Richard Percy

Richard Percy had two sons:

1-Capt. William Pearce b: 1595

2-Richard Pearce b: 1590 m: Martha

Richard Pearce b: 1615 m: Susannah Wright daughter of George Wright b: 1620. Their children:

Richard Pearce m: Experience

Martha Pearce b: 1645 m: Mahershallalhashboz Dyer (1643-1670) He was the son of William and Catharine Dyer.

John Pearce b: 1647 m: Mary Tallman

Giles Pearce b: 1651 m: Elizabeth Hall[2] in 1776 daughter of William Hall b: 1613 and Mary Thomas b: 1604. Their children:

Jeremiah Pearce b: 1678 m: Abigail Long b: 1682 daughter of Phillip and Hannah Pearce. Their children:

Giles Pearce b:1701 d: 1763 m: 1724 to Comfort Nichols (1701-1777)

Phillip Pearce b:1703 m: Frances Nichols

Elizabeth Pearce m: William Sweet

Susannah Pearce b: 1708 m: John Olin

Jeremiah Pearce m: Frances

John Pearce m: Elizabeth Weaver

William Pearce

James Pearce

John Pearce

Susanna Pearce

Elizabeth Pearce

Mary Pearce

Susannah Pearce b: m: George Brownell son of Thomas and Ann

Brownell. They had the following children:

Susanna Brownell b: 1676 m: John Reed

Sarah Brownell b: 1681

Mary Brownell b:1683 m: William Hall

Martha Brownell b: 1686 m: Samuel Forman

Thomas Brownell b: 1688

Joseph Brownell b: 1690 m: Ruth Cornell

Wait Brownell b: 1693 m: Joshua Sandford

Stephen Brownell b: 1695 m: Martha Earle

Mary Pearce b: 1654 m: Thomas Brownell, Jr. brother to George Brownell.

Their children:

Thomas Brownell b: 1679

John Brownell b: 1682

George Brownell b; 1685

Jeremiah Brownell b: 1689

Mary Brownelll b: 1692

Charles Brownell b: 1694

Thomas Brownell b: 1732

John Pearce m: Mary and Mrs. Rebecca Wheeler

Samuel Pearce

Hannah Pearce

Martha Pearce

Sarah Pearce

William Pearce

Mary Pearce

Richard Pearce published what was thought to be the first almanac in America in 1639.



1 From Seven Pierce Families collected by Harvey Cushman Pierce 1936, Wash. D.C.

2 From Seven Pierce Families collected by Harvey Cushman Pierce 1936, Wash. D.C.

3 More information on the Brownell family in Pownal, VT

This e-mail was sent to me recently and I wanted to share it with you Pierce researchers as you may be very interested:

Dear Ms. Strouse, I congratulate you in concern to your WebSite. Your site is informative as well as creative. I am writing to thank you for the information you posted in concern to the Pierce Family history. My name is George Desaulniers and I am a member of the Winthrop Historical Commission and the Winthrop Improvement and Historical Association. I have been researching Captain William Pierce for approximately seven years. The commission is presently in the process of erecting a historical sign in front of a historical landmark called the" Deane Winthrop House". This sign will, in part, involved Captain William Pierce's history. The "Deane Winthrop House" was built between 1637 and 1650. The association which haspreserved and maintained the house is called "The Winthrop Improvement and Historical Association". The association believes the original portion ofthe house house was built by Captain William Pierce. The material you posted on your Web page agrees with the material I have researched. It might beinteresting for anyone researching Captain William Pierce to be aware that this house exist. This house is situated on the original land, granted to Captain William Pierce in 1637. Winthrop is a small town less than two square miles situated at the mouth of Boston Harbor. Captain William Pierce also had a house in Boston which once stood near the Old State House on what is now Pierce Alley. I have many more details in concern to Captain William Pierce. I would like to share the information I have as well as receive more information. I have maps and pictures that might be of interest to anyone pursuing this fascinating Mariner. You can reach me at: George Desaulniers Congratulations again on your website.

Dear Ms. Strouse,

A great deal has transpired since I last sent you this e-mail. The Winthrop Historical Commission is in the process of erecting a historical sign in front of the Deane Winthrop House. The sign acknowledges both European and African American history associated with the house. The Winthrop Improvement and Historical Association, an organization dedicated to preserving the Deane Winthrop House is opposed to the sign. The sign has been made and its future lies in the hands of the selectman.The sign reads as follows:


Captain William Pierce, renowned mariner and early Puritan slave trader was allotted this land in 1637. Governor John Winthrop was granted the adjoining plantation, which included most of Winthrop Beach and Point Shirley. He kept Native American slaves on the nearby Governors Island, which is now, part of Logan Airport. In his journal dated February 26, 1638, Winthrop wrote that Pierce returned from the West Indies on the Salem ship Desire "and brought some cotton, and tobacco, and Negroes, etc" Later both Capt. Pierce and Gov. Winthrop's plantations were acquired by Governor Winthrop's son Deanne, who also used slave labor. Slavery was essential to the economy in this era. "Marrear", "Primas", and a child named "Robbin" were slaves of African decent whose names appeared in Deane Winthrop's Will of 1702. It is assumed that these slaves were interred in a nearby "Negro Burying Ground" not far from the northerly end of Winthrop Street.

The controversy surrounding the resistance of the sign by the Winthrop Improvement and Historical Association made the headlines in local paper,the page of the Boston Globe, NPR radio and the 5 PM news. The following documents and newspaper articles may help you further understand the controversy. See Attached

There is a great deal more information available if you are interested. The Pierce family's support of the sign would be welcomed.

Thank you,

George Desaulniers
106 Bowdoin Street
Winthrop MA 02152

Additional Pierce Family History

From Email: I saw your info on the Pierce, mainly the Sanford and Mary King Pierce. The LaMance Book did not have all her info right. It is right up into it come to Sanford father, His name was Samuel R. Pierce and he did married Olive Greene, but her father is not the Ebenezer in the book. Also Samuel R, Pierce is not the son of Samuel Pierce Sr. that married Hester Wiley. I'm not sure who their parents were, but I have evidence that those are not right. If you would like me to e-mail you the reason why they are not the ones I will be happy to do so. We need to get the word out because everyone is quoting from her book and the info is not right.

Note from Rootie: I often get information from others that claim that LaMance's book was incorrect in places and I believe that to be true. I have quoted above directly from the book and it does not mean that I completely agree with all of the information. Another researcher, David Sanford is doing extensive research on the Pierce family also and I suggest you contact him if you are serious about learning more about this family.


Hi found your site and it is very interesting I am researching the Pierce family. Esther Pierce born around 1800-10, Esther had a son George W Warner born 1835-7 in New York. Daniel Warner born in Conn (1807). moved to New York when about 17 yrs was the father, have George W Warner death cert and that is how I found out about his parents. I would appreciate any information of the Pierce family.Thank you regards Jean (Email Jean if you have more information to help her)

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