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If you would like to add information to this site about your own family, just send me your information and I would be happy to add it and will give credit to you. Remember, you found me — there's a good chance someone else will find you! Please e-mail me.

My DNA Hablogroups

EllisGroup: I1
Egan (mtDNA) — Group: U5A2D1 [Egan > Harmison > Bailey]
Wanless (mtDNA) — Group: T1 [Wanless > Fairbairn > Hudson > McGillivray]
Olin (paternal) — Group: R1B
Glass (mtDNA) — Group: K [English > Potts> Martin > Glass]
PottsGroups: Predominantly R1B but also I1, E1 (from Cy Potts website)


What does it mean to be a third cousin once removed?

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