There are various accounts from different branches of the family as to his embarkment in Rhode Island. No one knows for sure, but there are a few things we do know for sure. It is stated in the Vermont Historical Gazette that John Olin, the first of the name in America, settled in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, in 1678. He was 14 years old at the time. We know he died July 13, 1742 in North Kingstown, RI.[1] We also know that he was married to Susannah Spencer born on April 6, 1680, Cambridge, Middlesex, MA, and she died April 12, 1719.[2] A mystery! Several family historians have expressed their opinions and I have included them below. But also, please watch my short presentation which summarizes the research. (7 minutes) Take the quiz at the end to express your opinion!


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Hopefully, the new generations of researchers will be more successful in determining John Olin's origins. DNA results for the Olin family put us in the R1B Haplogroup.






[1] John Olin II was granted administration of the estate of his father, John Olin, late of North Kingstown deceased, 13 July 1742. Quoted from the Rhode Island Genealogical Register by descendant, Robert Behra of Newport, RI.
[2] From the New England Genealogical Register.

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2017 Minnesota Olin Family Reunion — June 25, 2017
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