John Olin and Sarah Card Headstones

John Olin III, son of John Olin II and Susannah Pierce, was born September 17, 1741 in East Greenwich, RI died November 2, 1821[1] at Shaftsbury, VT. He was married to Sarah Card on September 10, 1768[2] at East Greenwich, RI. She died January 12, 1819. Both are buried in the cemetery at Shaftsbury Center, north of the church and near the highway, which passes along the west side of the yard. They had nine children:

Sarah Card's genealogy is as such: Peleg Card; born 1675 married Elizabeth Aylesworth; died 1765. Their son Philip Card; married Catherine Davis Dec. 3, 1741. Their daughter Sarah Card; born about 1745; married John Olin (III) Oct. 13, 1765; died 1819, June 12. Ancestry of Elizabeth Aylesworth. Chad Browne had one son; Rev. John Brown married Mary Holmes. Their daughter, Mary Brown married Arthur Aylesworth who died 1725-26. Their daughter was Elizabeth Aylesworth. Mary Holmes Brown was the daughter of Rev. Obadiah Holmes, the Baptist Martyr.[5]

The ancestors of the other Green spouses can be found here.


[1] September 24, 1821 is given in the "Ezra Olin Family History" and is on the gravestone.

[2] The year 1764 is also given for their marriage, as well as Oct. 13, 1765, the latter taking place in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. (LDS)

[3] "Biological Sketches of the Samuel Olin Family" by Oran Lee Raber, 1921

[4] "Rolls of the Soldiers of the Revolutionary War 1775-1783 State of Vermont", Tuttle Co. 1904

[5] This entitles us to membership in the Daughters/Sons of the American Revolution. If you are interested, contact the State Regent at the organization for application blanks. Both John Olin II and III are listed in the DAR Patriot Index, page 504 and you could site Chapter III of "Biological Sketches of the Samuel Olin Family", the Vermont Pay Roll, Stella Van Auken Barton also filed with the DAR and you could site her entry as it is the same as ours, page 154, along with the information from this history.

The tombstones are of John and Sarah Olin

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