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Isaac Harmison and Eunice "Emma" Barrett, were both born to large farming families in Ohio. Isaac Harmison was born to Samuel Harmison and Nancy Arnold on April 17, 1814 in Darke County, OH. His father, Samuel Harmison was born c. 1776 in Berkley, Virginia and died in 1841 in White County, Indiana. His mother, Nancy Arnold, was born 1778 in Maryland and died in 1850 in Plymouth, Marshall County, Indiana. About 1811, Samuel and Nancy removed from Maryland to Darke County, Ohio, where several of their children were born. Later, they moved again to LaPorte, Indiana, and finally, to White County, Indiana. After Samuel's death, Nancy moved in with her daughter, Elizabeth "Betsey" Harmison Thomas in Plymouth, where as noted, she died. The following, are the children and descendants of Samuel Harmison and Nancy Arnold as we now know them. Some of the information is incomplete and is so indicated:

Samuel Harmison and Nancy Arnold Harmison's children were:

Elizabeth "Betsey" Harmison born abt. 1807 in Maryland. Elizabeth is believed to be the first-born child of Samuel and Nancy. In 1824, Elizabeth wed Isaac Thomas in Montgomery, Ohio. Elizabeth and Isaac moved to Plymouth, Marshall, Indiana about 1832. They had the following children:

Catherine Harmison (Contact) born 16 Oct 1806, Maryland, married Samuel N George Smith, died 20 Mar 1852, Liberty, St Joseph, Indiana.  Samuel Smith, born 11 Jan 1806, Bedford, Pennsylvania, married 2nd 1852 Mrs. Nancy Lavina Usher (widow of Unk Barton) Note: Nancy Lavina Usher Barton was the older sister of Ellen Usher, the wife of John Smith, son of Samuel & Catherine (Harmison) Smith and the older sister of Alice G Usher, wife of Isaac Henry George Smith, son of Samuel & Catherine (Harmison) Smith

Children of Catherine Harmison & Samuel Smith:

John Harmison (contact), born August 6, 1810 in Maryland; he died November 12, 1857 in Liberty Township, White, Indiana and is buried in Buffalo, White, Indiana. John Harmison wed Esther Barrett, daughter of Abner Barrett and Mary Pemberton; and, sibling of Isaac's wife, Eunice "Emma" Barrett. Esther was born September 25, 1811 in Union Township, Miami County, Ohio and died July 4, 1903 in Rockfield, Carroll County, Indiana. John and Esther wed September 26, 1828 in Miami, Ohio. John and Esther had the following children:

Samuel Harmison was born April 6, 1812 in Darke County, Ohio and died March 6, 1862 in St. Josephs County, Indiana. He wed Elizabeth Cornell on November 27, 1842. She was born November 27, 1822 in Fayette County, Ohio. Samuel and Elizabeth are buried, as are several of their children, in St. Josephs County, Indiana. Samuel and Elizabeth had the following children:

Isaac Harmison, born April 17, 1814 in Darke County, Ohio; died May 14, 1898 in probably Wheaton Township, Chippewa County, Wisconsin. Isaac wed Eunice "Emma" Barrett, daughter of Abner Barrett and Mary Pemberton, on September 17, 1837 in LaPorte, Indiana. Eunice "Emma" was born March 16, 1818 in Miami County, Ohio and died July 7, 1900 in Wheaton Township, Chippewa County, Wisconsin. Isaac and Eunice "Emma" and many of their children and descendents are buried at Lake View Cemetery, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Isaac Harmison was a farmer; son of a farmer. He purchased his first farm land in LaPorte, Indiana in 1835; which he assigned to his father, Samuel Harmison shortly before his marriage to Eunice "Emma" Barrett in March, 1837. After he and Eunice "Emma" married, they removed to Dodge County, Wisconsin where their children were born. Isaac is listed as among the first settlers of Watertown, Wisconsin and his daughter, Mary Louise, is listed as the first white child born in Watertown, Wisconsin.

Isaac and Eunice "Emma", remained in Dodge County until 1856 when they sold their farm and moved to Eau Claire, Wisconsin. After the marriage of their youngest daughter, Sarah CarolineHarmison they homesteaded a 160 acre farm in Cedar Lake, Barron County, Wisconsin next door to their daughter, Sarah and her husband, William Small. After Isaac retired from farming, the two couples moved to Wheaton Township, Chippewa County, Wisconsin, which is next door to neighboring Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Isaac presumably died in Wheaton at the home of his daughter, Sarah Caroline Harmison and her husband, William Small. There are no death records for Isaac Harmison; his date of death is etched on his tombstone atop that of his wife's, Eunice "Emma" Barrett. Isaac Harmison and Eunice "Emma" Barrett Harmison's children were:

Mary Harmison, reportedly born about 1816 in Ohio; presently, there's no additional information on Mary.

James Harmison was born February 20, 1820 in Ohio and died June 20, 1886 in Trenton, Cache Utah. He first wed Elizabeth Ivers on May 6, 1840 in White County, Indiana. They had one child together, Isaac Harmison born February 15, 1841 in White County, Indiana. He then wed Mrs. Elizabeth "Fanny" Brownell Vaughn, daughter of Gideon Brownell and Elizabeth Wheeler, on January 22, 1843 in Marshall County, Indiana. He also wed Hannah Brownell, marriage date, unknown; and, on May 4, 1870, he wed Mary Ann Brownell. James Harmison and Elizabeth "Fanny" Brownell, reportedly had the following children; however, this has not been verified:

Special thanks to Pat Doll who helped me with Eau Claire research.

Found a picture of an Elmer Harmison here. If he is yours, you should claim him.

From Shen Smith: The information regarding Catherine Harmison above is contained in the Smith Family bible and in letters between the various relatives of the time period in question.  Attached is a reference to John Smith, son of Catherine Harmison located in the History of St Joseph County.  We have not figured out the connection between Carleton, Hull, Canada and Laporte, Indiana but we do know that there was one as the three Usher sisters all married into the Smith / Harmison family.

THE USHER SISTERS:  There were three sisters with the last name of Usher/Ussher who were of Irish descent and all of them married into the family of Catherine Harmison.
Mrs. Nancy Lavina Usher Barton - 2nd wife of Catherine Harmison's husband Samuel Smith
Ellen Usher — married Catherine Harmison's son John Smith
Alice Usher — married Catherine Harmison's son Isaac Smith

Interesting article that includes some history on Jim Harmison (last two pages)

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